About Me

Hi everyone~ I am just another gal in the world taking on all that is being a wife, momma, friend, daughter, and full time employee.  I am married to a super awesome nerd of a man, but he's Hot so it's endearing most of the time...and when I mean nerd I mean the sci-fi kind...but he's also very knowledgeable in the Arts and History, but he's a high school art and humanities teacher so that makes sense ;)  His love for the Beatles runs deep. 

We have an amazing son.  I can not believe he is already a year.  Time really does fly when you have children...but not so fast I forgot about the 3 months of colic, so no people, as of now, we will not be having anymore children.  He amazes me everyday.  Having a child was the hardest decision I ever made, but once we decided to go for it, I thank God we did.

When I am able to find time to myself I try to work out.  I know, Sick huh?  See, I have this goal - by the time I'm 30, I would like to be happy with myself physically.  My exercises of choice are running, zumba, and spinning.  It's slow going, but someone once told me if you don't give up, then you haven't failed.  I also love photography, cooking, gardening, and scrapbooking. 

I love my friends very much and always wish our lives were less chaotic or there was less distance so we could spend more time together.  I love my family and see them more than ever now that kiddo is around!

There you go...your Cristal Cliff Notes =)
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