Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When did I get so busy? September Recap

I think over the last few months I have slowly given up on the idea of a "clean" house.  The most people will get when they stop by is a decent walk way void of hot wheels...and MAYBE I'll vacuum...but there has to be a noticeable amount of dog hair for you to be so lucky. 

This month my husband celebrated another birthday...I would tell you his age, but it might depress him seeing it blasted on the Internet :)  I don't understand why he gets all sad about it...Yes, he has some additional aches and pains....and Yes, on his 22nd birthday his house burned down...and Yes, he has a wild toddler when most people his age have self sufficient tweens - Who Cares?! :)  He still looks younger than most his age, so I would just ride that as long as possible. 

Yes, this is him doing the stereotypical peace sign, lol.  He's teaching our son well.  They are a good looking pair aren't they? :)  I know I haven't said much about Christian, but I'm saving it all for a special All Christian blog.  He's been your typical 2 year old boy...eating, running, playing, sweating, eating, dancing, singing, eating, LOL.   We've had a little bump in the road with his speech, but nothing serious.  I'll go into that  soon. 

This month also marks the 5th year since Matt and I lost someone very special to us.  I've mentioned it before, but September 15, 2007 my brother passed away...8 days later {September 23, 2012} Matt lost his mother to a pulmonary embolism.  It definitely wasn't the easiest time for us, but we got through it. 

Pretty lady huh? This was her senior photo.  This picture always makes me think she looks like someone, but I can never put my finger on who.  I only met Debby twice before she passed away, which makes me sad.  I always wished I had more time to get to know her.  One story Matt told me at the grocery store the other night was that when him and his mother used to grocery shop, she would holler from the aisle over, "Heads up!" He would then look up to see a grocery item flying over for him to catch to put in the cart.  I thought that was fun...maybe not if it was a canned good, but most anything else :)  I look forward to the day Matt tells Christian fun stories about his Grandma.

Photo Sessions -

OK, some of these were from last month as well, so stick with me :)  Hey, who doesn't like to look at photos?!

And Then There Were 3 

Remember this couple?  You should!  I photograph them all the time :)

Here she is :)  Poor girl had shots that day, so we really only got a couple good ones. 

Baby Harrison - My Rockin' Redhead

Then there was Harrison :)  How cute is he?!  The cutest little redhead you'll ever meet.  After hauling around my 35lb toddler, I forgot just how light newborns were. 

You know this is adorable.  The chair is actually his grandpa's chair from when he was a kiddo :) He's only 5 weeks old here, but he's sitting up like a stud :)
My {Itty Bitty} Sister in Law Katy

Then for fun, I took my sister in law out and we took some photos.  She's lost an incredible amount of weight the last few months, so I wanted her to enjoy a little photo shoot :) 
Not too shabby huh? :)
Rosabella Turns Two!
{celebrates with a tea party and music in the park}
Here we have Rosabella :)  How cute is this!?!  She totally ran with this tea party in the park.  She poured teddy a spot of tea and then helped him drink it :) 
Then she played everyone a little diddy in the Rose Garden.   Love her :)
Simply Jovie
{I just love her name}
This is Jovie!  She was beyond adorable.  Like all kids, it took her a good 30  minutes to warm up to me {and the camera directly in front of her face}, but once she did her personality really came out.  Jovie's mom and I went to college together, so it was nice to see her again :)
Granted, this was towards the end of the session, so I completely understand her timeout :)  She did really well.  I just think this was a great shot, lol. 
I had an amazing engagement session last night which I will share with you guys shortly :)  I call them my free spirits / world travelers.  I also have a senior session this weekend.  That should wrap it up for September....then...October is going to be baptism by fire!  2 weddings and 3 family sessions!
I hope everyone is having a great week :) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Pioneer Woman reminded me to Blog Often (via her blog, no actual conversation took place...but I did see her at QuickTrip)

So while I was perusing one of my favorite blogs today and entering my name in her many giveaways, I realized how I am failing as a blogger.  The busier my life gets, the less I blog...and it should really be the opposite!  How am I going to remember everything that happened September 2012 unless I blog...and blog often!? 

The blog I was reading and absolutely love is The Pioneer Woman.  Yes...if you are a woman living in Oklahoma and are interested {even in the slightest} about cooking, photography, and/or country life, you're a fan of Ree Drummond.

 A few months ago I actually saw her sitting in her car at QuickTrip in Sand Springs.  I probably wouldn't have even noticed, but I saw 2 girls in QT wearing shirts that said Drummond. That's when I realized those girls were her kiddo's.  As I walked out to my car, there she was looking down at her phone in her white SUV. 

Side Story: It was the same star struck feeling I got when I saw Garth Brooks at Linens N' Things in Owasso a few years ago. I was working there at the time, so I just acted like I was straightening the aisles when in reality I was watching him through the folded towels.  Yes I know, it wasn't my best moment.  I'm not even a country music fan!  That's when I realized that if you're remotely of "celebrity" status, I might be a little star struck. 

My mouth dropped open and I looked at my husband parked a couple spots down and mouthed, "That's PW!" 

 He then mouthed back, Huh??

Once I got in the car, I repeated, That's the pioneer woman in that white car!

My husband then says, Go up and say hi...ask her to sign your cookbook.

My reply, Yeah, cuz that's not creepy. I'm sure she would appreciate me tapping on her car door just to say hi awkwardly and then to sign the cookbook I don't have with me.

Anyways, the blog post she wrote that caught my attention and made me realize how little I actually blog is this one:

10 Important Things I've Learned About Blogging

#2 - Blog Often.

I really need to make more of an effort.  Sometimes I wonder how she manages her time...to be able to do all that she does.  Maybe she's already blogged about it...I should double check...and to see if I've won anything. 

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