Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Overdue Recap(s) - 2. First Maternity Shoot

So right before our trip to Arkansas, I had my first maternity shoot!  You might remember these cute faces from a prior shoot I had with them. 

I did their engagement shoot December 2011. 

Here comes #3 :)  Baby Andria will be born in just a few weeks and I was so happy they asked me to photograph her lovely lady bump! :)

This one probably got the most likes on Facebook :)  I was pretty proud of this one :)  I personally think if some of your photos can be funny, you'll enjoy them more.  Hey, more power to you if you want your maternity shoot to be "sexy"  but I think funny is good too :)

My husband endearingly calls this the "crotch shot."  Nice. 

I can't wait to meet her.  I feel slightly invested, LOL. 

A cute idea that momma came up with :)

Another momma idea :)  I love when you come with ideas.  If you see something you like, voice it.  Oherwise you might be missing out on a super awesome shot.

 I thought this one turned out so nice.  I've been chatting with a seasoned photographer  Mallory Hall (click on her name to check out her website).  She has been SO SO helpful.  She said she is obsessed with the sun and gets gitty when the sun is just right.  So I tried to take all the sun talk in and I basically ran around the park that day looking for great places where the sun was just right :) 

They really are going to make great parents.  You don't run into tons of well mannered males anymore, but Hayden actually shocked me when I met him.  He helped me unload things out of my car without even being asked, he looks at Ashtan like she's the world (but she does the same thing too).  Surprisingly I'm not grossed out by their "come hither" looks LOL  I think they are the real deal.

This would be momma Ashtan's favorite photo :)  I love it as well.  They photograph so well, love it. 
 I like to think my 1st maternity shoot went rather well, but I am blessed that Ashtan and Hayden are always up for anything and are patient when I'm just trying to figure everything out :) 

Shoots for this month:

Engagement shoot for my cousin Casey this weekend :)
2 senior shoots at the end of the month :)


Sara said...

I have to be honest...I normally don't care for maternity shoots. Most look way too posed, and sexy maternity shots kind of weird me out.

However, I love these. You can tell the couple genuinely got into it and I appreciate the humorous photos. Now that I think about it, I really like that fact that most of the shots were either about the couple, or the three of them. It was about the family, and not just about the bump.

I hope that if I ever take maternity photos, they turn out like these!

Jordan Sanders said...

These are great! You have such a talent at capturing the "true" moments!

Mallory Hall said...

Cristal - these are awesome girlie! Thanks for the shout out!

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