Monday, June 25, 2012

The Color Run {the most colorful excuse to have fun}

Over the weekend I attended the Tulsa 5K Color Run.  For those that are unfamiliar, it's the funnest race EVER.  I know a lot of people have a hard time with the idea of paying to run, but this is one race you should suck it up and fork out the few dollars for some fun and charity. 

Each kilometer, you get {heavily} dusted with a designated color by volunteers/staff/sponsors.   1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a Color Extravaganza.”  

Over 10,000 people showed up!  It was pretty incredible to see just a sea of white tee shirts at the start line.  The first thing I thought was, "all these people came out just to have some fun."  It didn't matter your age, your ethnicity, what you did for a living...10,000 people came out to take a break from their everyday routine and just have fun with their friends and family.  I'm very pro-fun though :)  Just one life people, make it a fun one. 

So, anyways, this is what a sea of white tee shirts looks like :)


This is my seester in law Katy {team captain} :)  Our team was the Milkshake Runners....cuz we bring all the boys to the yard...damn right, it's better than yours, LOL.  Honestly, it's because we're a bunch curvy girls =)


Here we are after the race.  My face is surprisingly free of was all in my hair.  Mallory (left) is my newest friend.  I love those friendships that you hit it off right away.  Aren't those the best?  She's an amazing photographer and has been such a help in developing my skills :)  I see this being the beginning of a beautiful friendship, lol.   Jami (middle) and I have been friends since we were 9.  We were the awkward nerds in school that found each other in band...we connected through our nerdom.  We're 30 now...and we're still nerds, but it's not so visible by our outward appearance, LOL. 


So, when you pick up your color run packet, they give you your own packet of color.  You save that packet for once you reach the finish line.  Then everyone huddles to the front of the stage {music blaring} and then they count down....then everyone starts jumping up and down with their color packet and this is the colorful result. 





This was by far worth it.  I really think this could have snapped anyone out of their funk. 


If the Color Run comes to your town, I highly recommend participating :)

Here are a few links:

Official Color Run Site: The Color Run


Mallory Hall said...

Totally the beginning of a beautiful friendship! =) So glad we got to run together girlie!! I am not sure how you managed to not get your face caked with color but my forehead is still pink!

Sara said...

I have a ton of friends who ran in that, and it looks like it was so much fun! I wish I could run just to do that one event!

bekkah said...

we're registered for the color run in new york next month...i'm ridiculously excited!!!

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