Friday, June 29, 2012

Photog Talk - 2nd Shooter, 3rd Shooter, and Seniors! Oh My...

So, it's been an interesting couple of weeks for me.  Recently, I was asked by my friend Jeremy if I would like to work part time @ Montag Studio - where he happens to be the creative director, head photographer, and...well you all can refer to him as The Most Amazing Person least that's how it sounds to me when people there talk about him, lol.  I know Jeremy from our days in college working at Wal-Mart.  Our motivation there was lacking and we harbored a bit of a sour attitude...hence the friendship.  Anyways, he went on to study photography and has made a name for himself there at Montag.  Ok, enough about Jeremy, this blog is about me :) 

So, last week he texted "begging" me to be a 3rd shooter at a wedding.  Yes, 3rd shooter.

 I texted back, "Uh, who has a 3rd shooter??  Why are you asking me?  You must be really desperate."

I, of course, agree to be his wallflower photographer.  My job was to not look as clueless.

He then says these 2 things, "Just have fun....seriously no pressure....BUT take good pictures..."

Uhhhh what what?! 

To make a long story short, I clearly need more wedding experience! Nervousness aside, it was fun.  It was interesting to see what equipment they used for lighting, their team huddles to make sure everyone was on the same page, and how efficient they were.  It's not quite like what I do as a day job:)  Everyone was very nice and the 2nd shooter, Cody, let me follow him around like a puppy dog :)  Poor guy.

Remember my new friend Mallory?  Here's a picture of her.  I like to put a face with the name.  Isn't she pretty?  She's single fella's *wink wink*  LOL - cuz I'm sure my blog has a huge male following.

 She also works for Montag and has her own successful photography business on the side.  Well, thank God we get along because she was crazy enough to ask me to be her 2nd shooter at weddings!  I was like, "Whaaat? Are you sure?  Do you need more time to think this through?"  I'm not going to lie, it was the confidence boost I needed...that she saw enough potential in me to be her 2nd shooter.  It's definitely something I'll take seriously.  I'm excited about all the things I'll learn from her and from THE ALL GREAT JEREMY, lol :) 

Now onto my first senior photos :) Meet Ashley and Lynnzey.  If you couldn't tell, they are BFF and they are the Class of 2013!  When I graduated high school (1999), these beautiful girls were 4!  In my head, 30 doesn't sound that old,  but I'm sure to the class of 2013, 30 means death is around the corner. 

As expected, it started out a bit awkward. They weren't sure what to do with their hands or how to sit, but luckily we figured it out.  By the second location, they started warming up to helped when I asked about my husband (he's their art teacher). 

Me, "So is he just as nerdy in school as he is at home??"

The girls, "Oh yeah, definitely.  He always talks about Star Wars and stuff..." 

Me, "...I'm sorry"

I mean what do you say when your husbands students confirm he's a nerd ALL THE TIME?  I chose to apologize, lol.

Anyways, here are a few more photos from their shoot.  They did an awesome job and they were so much fun! 

By far, my favorite shot :)  See, I'll say it a thousand times, the fun ones are the best.

This weekend:
  • Swimming with my fish child
  • Wedding shoot
  • Girls Night Out aka Night of Debauchery
  • Take Costello to the groomers

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday - Iphone, We Meet Again

So you guys might recall (probably not) my post awhile back about my obsession with cell phones?

 After 10 Years It's Time To Go Our Seperate Ways

It's actually my 2nd most viewed post right behind Thanksgiving We Meet Again, which has almost reached 1000 views.  I know that might not seem like a lot of views to some of you super bloggers, but for my humble blog, that's a lot!  I guess I'm not the only one that loves/hates Thanksgiving. 

Well IPhone, it's round 2 with you.  Feel honored.  No girl likes to grovel back to a former love, but here I am.   There are 3 main reasons I switched from the Motorola Droid to the IPhone

1. It's so much easier.  With the Droid, you have to go through like 3 steps just to delete an app.  With the Iphone, you just hold down and click the x. 

2.  Battery life on my Droid was AWFUL.  I hated that I had to get online and research ways to conserve the life of my battery.  Before I changed up a few things, my phone would die in half a day.  No good Motorola. 

2.  More apps.  I think the Droid just got Instagram and as far as I know they still don't have Pinterest.  I know this isn't their fault, but it aided in my decision to come back to the iphone. 

Goodbye Droid - it was fun while it lasted...but you're lacking in a few areas and I have better things to do than to wait for you to catch up...

Heeyyy iphone, it's me again.  I can't promise you a commitment, but I'm back for now.  Let's just enjoy the moment. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Color Run {the most colorful excuse to have fun}

Over the weekend I attended the Tulsa 5K Color Run.  For those that are unfamiliar, it's the funnest race EVER.  I know a lot of people have a hard time with the idea of paying to run, but this is one race you should suck it up and fork out the few dollars for some fun and charity. 

Each kilometer, you get {heavily} dusted with a designated color by volunteers/staff/sponsors.   1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a Color Extravaganza.”  

Over 10,000 people showed up!  It was pretty incredible to see just a sea of white tee shirts at the start line.  The first thing I thought was, "all these people came out just to have some fun."  It didn't matter your age, your ethnicity, what you did for a living...10,000 people came out to take a break from their everyday routine and just have fun with their friends and family.  I'm very pro-fun though :)  Just one life people, make it a fun one. 

So, anyways, this is what a sea of white tee shirts looks like :)


This is my seester in law Katy {team captain} :)  Our team was the Milkshake Runners....cuz we bring all the boys to the yard...damn right, it's better than yours, LOL.  Honestly, it's because we're a bunch curvy girls =)


Here we are after the race.  My face is surprisingly free of was all in my hair.  Mallory (left) is my newest friend.  I love those friendships that you hit it off right away.  Aren't those the best?  She's an amazing photographer and has been such a help in developing my skills :)  I see this being the beginning of a beautiful friendship, lol.   Jami (middle) and I have been friends since we were 9.  We were the awkward nerds in school that found each other in band...we connected through our nerdom.  We're 30 now...and we're still nerds, but it's not so visible by our outward appearance, LOL. 


So, when you pick up your color run packet, they give you your own packet of color.  You save that packet for once you reach the finish line.  Then everyone huddles to the front of the stage {music blaring} and then they count down....then everyone starts jumping up and down with their color packet and this is the colorful result. 





This was by far worth it.  I really think this could have snapped anyone out of their funk. 


If the Color Run comes to your town, I highly recommend participating :)

Here are a few links:

Official Color Run Site: The Color Run

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You know that kid that's allergic to everything? That's me...

So, I recently went to the allergy clinic to get tested for all that I may be allergic to.  For years I've battled with my allergies, but never considered taking any serious measures.  My plan of action thus far was to be miserable 6 months out of the year and tough it out.  I never thought when I got tested that I would be allergic to all that is EARTH.

So they start out numbering my arms and by each number (on both sides) they prick you with a needle with a small amount of an allergen...specifically, dust, mold, tree, grass, animal dander, and cockroach allergens.  They pricked me about 55 times. 

Within minutes, my arms looked awful.  I had to sit there for 15 minutes to see how big the welts would get.  They would then measure the size of each allergic reaction and then move on from there.

When they came back, they said, " you're allergic to everything...not just a little...a lot."  My worst reactions were to trees and grass.  The next thing they said, "Allergy injections."

Usually, the welts disappear after a couple of hours, but mine kept growing in size.  By that even one of those pricks turned into the size of a golf ball.


to make a long story short, I opted to do what is called RAD (rapid allergen desensitization).  For one day, I go into the allergy clinic and every 15 minutes they come in and inject me with my allergens for 4 hours!  That is 3 shots every 15 minutes up to 4 hours.  Going this route, I knocked off approximately 24 weeks of treatment.  Now, I go in twice a week for 2 weeks to receive 1 shot, then once a week for a few months, etc...basically I'm building my allergy tolerance. 

If you live in Oklahoma, you most likely have some allergy issues.  It's either this or I move...sigh.

Long Overdue Recap(s) - 3. Wordless Wednesday - More Photo Shoots

Tyler Family Shoot

Prom Shoot

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Overdue Recap(s) - 2. First Maternity Shoot

So right before our trip to Arkansas, I had my first maternity shoot!  You might remember these cute faces from a prior shoot I had with them. 

I did their engagement shoot December 2011. 

Here comes #3 :)  Baby Andria will be born in just a few weeks and I was so happy they asked me to photograph her lovely lady bump! :)

This one probably got the most likes on Facebook :)  I was pretty proud of this one :)  I personally think if some of your photos can be funny, you'll enjoy them more.  Hey, more power to you if you want your maternity shoot to be "sexy"  but I think funny is good too :)

My husband endearingly calls this the "crotch shot."  Nice. 

I can't wait to meet her.  I feel slightly invested, LOL. 

A cute idea that momma came up with :)

Another momma idea :)  I love when you come with ideas.  If you see something you like, voice it.  Oherwise you might be missing out on a super awesome shot.

 I thought this one turned out so nice.  I've been chatting with a seasoned photographer  Mallory Hall (click on her name to check out her website).  She has been SO SO helpful.  She said she is obsessed with the sun and gets gitty when the sun is just right.  So I tried to take all the sun talk in and I basically ran around the park that day looking for great places where the sun was just right :) 

They really are going to make great parents.  You don't run into tons of well mannered males anymore, but Hayden actually shocked me when I met him.  He helped me unload things out of my car without even being asked, he looks at Ashtan like she's the world (but she does the same thing too).  Surprisingly I'm not grossed out by their "come hither" looks LOL  I think they are the real deal.

This would be momma Ashtan's favorite photo :)  I love it as well.  They photograph so well, love it. 
 I like to think my 1st maternity shoot went rather well, but I am blessed that Ashtan and Hayden are always up for anything and are patient when I'm just trying to figure everything out :) 

Shoots for this month:

Engagement shoot for my cousin Casey this weekend :)
2 senior shoots at the end of the month :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Long Overdue recap(s) - 1. Road Trip to Arkansas to visit my Super Awesome Family

About 3 weeks ago we took a road trip to Arkansas to visit some of my family.  Now, this would be Christian's longest road trip (5 hours).  Let's just say, he had the most fun in the car. He sang (aka yelled), danced (aka kicked his feet), read books (about monster trucks of course)...he did not cry or fuss.  I was so proud of him. 

My little back story -  I spent part of my childhood in Mountain Home / Gassville Arkansas....from the age of 4 - 8.  We moved there shortly after my dad left the military.  Not knowing what to do in Washington (where he was last stationed), naturally he migrated back home.  Looking back, I have mixed experiences with my time there.  I always felt a little out of place...I was teased a lot for my VERY awkward appearance ( chubby, big frizzy hair, I could go on and on...seriously, I was a train wreck, lol) and also I would assume a little of the race issue.  Either way though, I always loved spending time with my grand parents and my family. 

Every time I visit, it just makes me wish my family was closer.  I seriously have some awesome family members and I feel a little cheated that distance can play such a big part in seeing them. 

These are my cousins Jennifer and Ashley...

Jennifer (left) is our newest college grad.  We both majored in Finance, so it was nice to talk about business-ee stuff without her eyes glazing over.  :)  She is such a smart cookie and since she's fresh out of college, she's still driven :) I actually remember when I saw her for the first time right after she was born.  My Aunt Tresa brought her over to my grand mother's house and I just remembered thinking "her eyes are so blue!"  They still are :)  I always thought the combination of dark brown hair and really blue eyes made for such pretty people. 

My cousin Ashley (right) is married to my cousin Dusty (Jennifer's older brother).  I would say we clicked immediately.  She has such a fun spirit and super sweet.  We're both into crafty things and tattoos, lol.  I told her if she lived closer, we would attend those quilting bee clubs with all the other older women, then go get a tattoo afterwards :)  I really got a chance to see her interact with her kiddo's and Dusty while I was there and you can tell her world is her kiddos and she's still head over heals for her husband.

This is Ashley's tattoo.  I love the idea of a family tree...and the girl swinging is so adorable.  She has her kids names in the tree. 

From what I hear, my cousin Dusty was considered easy on the eyes to many of Jennifers friends growing up :)  That's what every little sister wants to hear from her friends. 

This is my Aunt Tresa and Uncle Dewayne.  Seriously, if you met them, you would want to put them in your pocket they are so cute.  My Aunt Tresa has one of those voices that could calm the wildest child. She's like the child whisperer...which is good since she's been running her own daycare for 20 years now.  My Uncle Dewayne is the nicest gentle hearted man ever.  He always has a smile on his face and for whatever reason I find that comforting. 

Such a great looking family :)

Oh my goodness, my parents took a good photo!!!  My mother has this allergic reaction to the clicking sound of a camera.  Her eyes immediately shut once she hears that sound. 

The next day we took some photos with my grandparents.  I love this one of my grandpa and my's like looking into the future!  My grandpa is cute as a button. 

3 generations of beautiful women :) 

I love these girls...and I'm sure if I were able to spend time with my other cousins, I would want them close by as well.  I think when you're young, the first thing you want to do is move away.  Not always to get away from family, but just to see what is out there...and when you're young, single, without children, is the best time to do that.  Now that I am married with a child, all I want is for my family to be closer and for Christian to be able to spend time with them.  It probably helps that I love my family and I think they are super awesome...I know some people do not have that luxury. 

Just a great photo of Dusty and Lela. 

Last, but not least is my grandparents and I.  I know the family resemblance is uncanny, but I swear they are my grandparents :)  I always remember my grandmother as being full of life - sassy, smart, and funny!  I think its hard for anyone to see their grandparents get older and/or suffer through ailments.  When you're a child you look up to them and put them on a pedestal.  My grandmother is still all those things, but just a calmer version.  She's always been someone I look up to - more so now that I am a mom.  How she managed 4 boys is beyond me.  After being married 55 + years, they rarely do anything without the other.  I love them and wish they were closer. 

Overall, our trip went well.  The next time we visit,  I would like to stay long and see some more sites.  Arkansas is beautiful and all I saw were like a 1000 places that would make for great pictures :)

Can't wait to see them all again.  Who's up for a family reunion!?  Anyone?  Anyone?  :)

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