Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Recap - Girls Night Out + 3 Spontaneous Friends = Matching Tattoos

Spontaneous...Hasty whatever :)  Around Thursday night the girls and I were texting back and forth on what we should do for our Saturday night out.  We mentioned before we should all go get another tattoo, but it wasn't until I said, " Let's all get Matching tattoos"  that plans became more permanent.  Surprisingly, it didn't take us days to figure out what we would all agree upon.  I remembered the saying, "Birds of a feather flock (or fly depending on how you've heard it) together."  I thought that described us the best.  The 3 of us have been through it all and granted we all come from drastically different backgrounds, we happen to be more alike then you would think.  My friendship with them is easy - no drama. We build each other up and I know they will always have my back - whether it be a good decision or bad ...and there have been a lot of bad decisions, LOL :)

We went to Spaded & Jaded Tattoos.  The tattoo artist, Pierre, is also the owner and a friend of Jill's.  The shop was what you would expect from most tattoo establishments as in decor and music - but I was very impressed with the time and preparation that went into our tattoos.  It was very clean, hygienic, and everyone was super professional.  Here is the link to their facebook site: Spaded & Jaded Tattoo Co

Oh and I wanted that Dyson fan in the back :)

I absolutely love my tattoo.  We all got variations of the this - our feathers are slightly different, but the birdies match.  Jill's is on her hip and Casey's is on the back of her neck. 

The rest of my week was pretty low key.  We visited family, took random pictures, and I worked on a tshirt quilt that is now finished.  It's the biggest quilt I've ever made and I actually succeeded in free motion quilting that thing on my little 'o sewing machine - it's between a full and queen size. 

We visited Grandma and Grandpa Ted. Christian loves his great grandparents.  They have this nice big backyard that he loves to play Frisbee with grandpa Ted on.  Matt wanted to match the photo on the left of him and Ted with Christian.  :)

Christian and I had some silly moments.  I recently got the new iPhone, so he LOVES being able to see himself on the screen when I take a picture. 

I don't even know what to say with this one.  The photo when he was 3 months old was completely by luck...he just happened to get his finger in there and it hasn't been until recently he has picked this delightful habit back up...like most parents, I blame it all on OTHER children at daycare :) LOL.  I'm constantly saying, "Get your finger out of your nose!"  I just love when he comes up to me with a fresh booger on the tip of his finger and says, "Ewwww."

These are some random Instagram shots.  1. Just me. 2. A family crossing through the gas station.  3.  Christian's love affair with corn on the cob....this was taken 15 minutes before bedtime.  4.  Christian and Matt riding around in Grandpa Ted's '53 Buick Roadmaster.  Yes, he's not in a car seat, but we just went around the block.  As soon as he got out, he said, "More!"  This little boy loves his cars. 

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