Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walk-In Salon Red Carpet Grand Opening {Brookside}

So over the weekend, I attended the grand opening of Walk-In Salon on Brookside. I was asked a few weeks ago by our family hair stylist Brittany (that makes us sounds so hip and trendy, but we're really nerds), if I wouldn't mind being one of the local photographers that night.  When she asked me, I was immediately excited and SUPER nervous. I confirmed with her that she knew I didn't have a long resume of experience, but she had seen some of my photos on Facebook and decided to give me a call. 

I immediately contacted those I knew in the photography industry pleading, "HELP! I'm new I don't know what to do!"  Luckily, they expressed compassion for their needy friend and gave me a few pointers. 

I ended up renting the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and Speedlite 580 ex II.  I had never used an external flash, but after using it, I didn't want to send it back.  I was shocked how it changed the look of the photos. 


So I headed out that night...my husband felt the need to take a picture :)


Here are a few photos from the event

The man on the right is Robert Cromeans, the global artistic director for Paul Mitchell.  He made an appearance...you know, it being one of his salons and all :)  He appeared to be very friendly and engaging taking photos with just about anyone who wanted one. 

To the right is Brittany - our family hair dresser :)  She's always super nice and patient with Christian, which tends to be a roller coaster of emotions when he arrives.  First the tears, then the lollipop, and finally contentment.  When we leave for his hair appointment, I say to him, "It's time to go see the lady with the pretty pictures on her skin!" 

From what I heard, this sunshine of curls took around 5 1/2 hours to accomplish. I think there are a lot of under appreciated professions in this world - hair stylist is one of them.  You're altering someones hair, their appearance...you kinda need to know what you're doing.  Just sayin....so when you think the final cost of your cut and color are a bit pricey, look in the mirror.  Do you like it?  Does it make you feel spicy?  Then it was worth it.  :)

My favorite part about this event was how much fun everyone was.  I loved all the colorful hair and tattoos....and smiles!  No one really shied away from the camera and I really appreciated that. 

I found out later through Facebook that the above beauty is Natalie Mizz Moneii Nicole.  She is a self proclaimed visionary/entrepreneur.  She has amazing energy and I love that she makes things happen for herself. 

I still don't know who this is, but I just loved her spirit.  Any time she saw me pointing the camera at her, she would stop talking to whomever and pose, lol.  This happens to be one of my favorites of her :)

All the models were beautifully made up

I love this shot...how the black and whites work together which make the blue in her eyes really pop.  At least that's how I see it...  It's like Blue Steel :)

You almost thought I posed him this way! You've got your primary colors all working together and what a great smile.

You know, there was a brief time my hair was pink :)  It was in college when I didn't work in a office.  If only corporate America preferred a little color from their employees :) 

She's just pretty.

I took over 800 photos, so it'll take me some time to go through them.  I really enjoyed my time at this event. Everyone had a good time and the atmosphere was friendly and inviting.  I loved just walking around looking for a candid shot.  I'm so glad I didn't chicken out! :) 

So yes, everyone go to the Walk-In Salon on Brookside.  They know what they're doing...and they do it all with a smile :)


Anonymous said...

I love this article! Thanks so much for coming & hanging out with us that night! We really appreciate it & I hope u had as much fun as we did! :) see u in the salon!
- Lara Hoffman: stylist

Sara said...

You're photographs just keep getting better and better!
Also, I love the question you posed about paying a lot at the salon..."Does it make you feel spicy?" Your hair should always make you feel something. Pretty, sexy, spunky...something! That's one area that Kyle has always been supportive...personal care. He's never once flinched at what I pay for my hair, skin, etc. He knows it makes me feel good about myself...and of course that pays dividends for him ;)

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