Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let me catch you all up...Birthdays, Elmo, Easter Oh My!

Why is it the older I get the more I CHOOSE to pile on my plate?  You know, because being a full time working wife and mom isn't enough for me to do (sarcasm?)...let's add on Sunday school teacher, quilter, {amateur} photographer, and a regular at Zumba class . When I was in my 20's {pre-domesticated} you couldn't pay me enough to do all those things...well, at least not all at the same time. 

**Oh and to start my frazzlefest post, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet this morning.  I left it on top of the toilet and jumped in the shower.  I then hear "Valerie," my 3rd alarm ring tone.  So I'm singing along and then all of a sudden I hear a plunk phone had vibrated right into the toilet.  *sigh*  It's sitting in rice right now.  I'm shocked how completely dependent I am on it!  I keep checking to see if it's dry...pathetic? Yes...yes it is, but most likely your dependency to your cell phone equals or exceeds mine ;)

So here is the skinny on what's been going on since my last post.

The End of March

We celebrated Avery's 1st birthday! 

 Avery is the daughter of my bestie Casey.  She is absolutely adorable with such a chill disposition.  We're hoping one day Avery and Christian will date, fall madly in love, and get married...then we can officially be family!  Yes, because it IS about us, lol.

1 Year Ago 

Happy Birthday Avery!

 Sesame Street Live!

Christian is OBSESSED with Elmo or "Mo-Mo" as he likes to say.  So, I bought us all tickets to see Elmo Live!  You know those old clips of teenage girls screaming for the Beatles (or if Matt ever met Paul McCartney)?  His reaction was sort of like that.  I would post the video, but my phone....

He wears his Oscar the Grouch shirt every Monday - it's fitting...believe me.

Honestly, if no one would have noticed me carrying this huge Elmo cut out off to my car, I totally would have taken it.

The show was cute, but a bit long.  There was an intermission!  Toddlers don't do intermission - you could hear all the kids losing it in the 2nd half.

Someone's getting sleepy :)


Easter Sunday

We did the usual Easter Sunday routine - we went to church and then headed over to Aunt Sam's for lunch and fun :)  I feel very blessed to have married into such a wonderful family. 

Cousin Kavi helping Christian with his eggs :)

Found one!

My B-E-A-UTIFUL Sister in Law

My model lookin' nephew Ash :)

My nephew Kavi - he's under all those locks of hair :)

Big Rig(by)!  :) 

Grandpa Ted playing a little golf...

Cousin Casey and her beau - Possible wedding bells in the future? :) heehee...

Aunt Sam taking the boys for a ride

My hotty husband

Fitness Shoot

I was asked to snap a few photos of the trainers/trainees down at my work fitness center.  One of the girls I work with is in a fitness competition, so she needed some shots of her posing all buff and stuff :)

Coach Sara

Coach Gia

News not photographed:
  • Christian had his hearing follow up and he checked out with flying colors!
  • Matt and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary!! He planned a night out - reserving a hotel room where we stayed on our honeymoon ;)  Comfy bed, champagne, good food - exactly what I needed.
  • Christian stayed the night for the first time with my parents!  Complete success!
Okay, I think we're caught up now.  Have a good day!!

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