Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a Crazy Week! My Teacher Husband and Mothers Intuition

You know, my husband doesn't have what most people would consider a life threatening kind of job - he's a  teacher.  Most people think the most he deals with is your typical high school drama...he said, she said kind of stuff, but it is much more than that now.  Teachers aren't just educators... they deal with child abuse, teen pregnancy, violence all on a daily basis.  The scale of which I feel teachers are under appreciated is tremendous. There is also the potential for this:

Rumored Threat of School Shooting

I thank God this didn't come to fruition, but I couldn't help but think - what if?  So, I immediately said these words to my husband,

"I know you and I know you would try to be a hero...DON'T BE THE HERO!!"  I'm pretty sure I yelled it in his face. I know my husband though and he would just do whatever it took to keep the kids safe.

450 out of 1175 students stayed home from school yesterday in fear of a school shooting and as a parent I would have kept my child  home too.  Uh, I would have tried to keep my husband home if I could have!

My husband wasn't at school that day.  Not because he knew about the potential shooting, but because we had to take kiddo to an E.N.T appointment.  Christian is almost 2 now and I feel like his speech isn't where it should be for his age.  At first I thought maybe I was just comparing him to other kids, which I try never to do, but I just had the gut feeling something wasn't right.  He follows direction so well, he's doing well on his colors, etc.  So to make a long story short, we bypassed the pediatrician and made an appointment with a specialist.  Mothers intuition paid off.  The doctor said he has quite a bit of fluid in both of his ears and it looks like it's been there for awhile...also in his left ear he has built up ear wax ("i clean his ears all the time!"  but the doctor reassured me it was nothing I could get to)  which is another reason he's having a hard time hearing.

We have scheduled to have tubes put in his ears for next week along with removing his adenoids.  He said his tonsils are enlarged as well, but he's too young to have those removed.  I know this is a basic 20 minute surgery, but it's the first time he'll be under anesthesia so naturally I'm a little worried.

So this is what they will do:

I'm just glad we caught this now. It just makes me wonder how he's been hearing the last few months.  Does it sound like we're all under water?

After his ear appointment, him and Matt had hair appointments.  Well, the girl they normally go to moved to a new salon...a Paul Mitchell salon...a TRENDY salon.  We walked in and all the hair dressers were decked out in all black and the music was blaring.  It was very Zoolanderish..

Christian sat there like a big boy with almost his own "blue steel" look fitting right in!  He was so chill.  Then when Brittany was done she whirled him around for everyone to see, it was so cute.

I just love this kid

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