Monday, March 12, 2012

Christian's 1st Surgery

Last Thursday, Christian under went his first surgery.  To make a long story short, Matt and I noticed his speech wasn't developing.  Normally, I try not to compare him to other kids, but I just had a gut feeling it had to be something more than he just wasn't ready.  I bypassed the pediatrician and made an appointment with an E.N.T (ear,nose, and throat) doctor.  Come to find out both ears were full of fluid and had been there for awhile.  I always thought fluid build up was caused by numerous ear infections and Christian has only had 3 (granted they were all double ear infections).  So, we scheduled him for tubes and removal of his adenoids (which would also help with all his sinus infections).  He mentioned his tonsils are quite large, but he's too young to have those removed.

His surgery was at 8am, but they wanted us there at 6:30.  Surprisingly, we were able to get him up, diaper changed, and dressed without him really waking up.

Him and dad so sleepy.

He really was a trooper.  He's always so cooperative when doctors are poking and prodding :)  He's been through it enough.

Our failed attempt at a photo together :)  

He wasn't aloud to have any food or drinks after midnight, so this is his hungry/thirsty face.  I make the same face when I'm hungry.

Watching a little TV, LOL

This is right after they gave him some medicine to relax him before surgery.

Someone's feeling good :) Ha!

It was the funniest thing watching him all loopy.  This medicine would have been handy when he had colic....just sayin'.

Off to surgery.  The nurses were so sweet and understanding...and how awesome that they take the kiddo's in a wagon to make it a little more fun?  He was able to take his blanket and kitty :)  Seriously, if you're concerned about your child's ear, nose, and/or throat, I recommend Dr. Vaidya from Southcrest.  The nurses called the next day to check on him and to make sure we were doing OK.  

After surgery -

Coming off the anesthesia was not so good.  Once they were in surgery they noticed he had an ear infection AND a sinus infection, so they gave him antibiotics intravenously.  He kept trying to take the needle out of his hand, so we had to hold his arms down until he calmed down.   That was probably the worst part.  

The day after, he was already doing better. We planned a fun day for him which I'll blog next time. 

It was his first surgery, so naturally I recorded some footage. :)  *Sorry teenage Christian, but did you expect anything less from me?  It's FUTURE BLACKMAIL.  Yes, that IS the kind of mother you have. :) *


momto8 said...

i bet he is better already! We have had 5 "minor" surgeries like this..the anesthesia is the worst!!!
My 21 yr old daughter is getting her tonsils out tomorrow! That is how she is spending spread break!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Justine said...

Stopping by from Bloggy Moms!

Sara said...

I'm happy you followed your mommy intuition...and I hope Christian recovers quickly!
Admittedly, though, I'm a sucker for videos of anesthesia induced "drunk" kids. I'm sure his Senior video will be all the better for it ; )

Jessie a said...

Hi Cristal-
Nice to meet you through bloggy moms. Sounds like you've gone through quite the ordeal with your little guy. I hope he's on the mend. I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

My name is dr. Almejmaj
I am so happy doing some digging online and found your blog a wounderful kid and a case of buck teeth prevented
Not to mention the effect of adenoids on facial features
Thank you mom 20 years later when it matters

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