Sunday, February 5, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt Complete {Next} Pinwheels. Ooooh.

I FINALLY finished my tee shirt quilt  This is also my first quilt I made for myself.  It's small and nothing too fancy...kinda like me :) 

So it has shirts from high school and college(s).  You should probably know I have been to 4 different colleges and 5 different campuses.  I just did a quick zig zag stitch to hold it all together.

 On the back, I just added one tee shirt logo - this is the college I ultimately graduated from ( my husband too). 

While we were at the flea market this weekend, one of the guys my husband gets his geek on with surprised me with this vintage Star Wars bed sheet.  I've been looking for a vintage Star Wars sheet as the backing for Christians tee-shirt quilt since most of his shirts are sci-fi related.  Yay!!!  He totally made my day.  It was so nice that he kept an eye out for me.

Oh if he only knew one day mowing the lawn won't be so much fun and he'll have to do it cuz we said so :)

Here is the start of my next quilt.  Pinwheels!  My first actually :)  The floral pattern was thrifted for $2.50!  Old bed sheet set - I just loved the pattern.

I think it'll turn out quite nicely :)

Yes ladies, back off!   This NERD is ALL mine.  LOL.  I bought that clone troopers mask on clearance for our SON, but what do you know, it fits him rather well.  These are his latest paintings.  He likes to mix sci fi with well known art.  The first one is The Scream and the TV show Dr. Who.  The second one is American Gothic and Battlestar Galactica.   

I know Geek runs deep in his blood, but he could be into far worse ;)  He's an amazing husband, that's all that matters to me :)

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Valerie said...

First off, there is too much AWESOMENESS to be contained in this post. Your t-shirt quilt?! Hello, Miss Brand New Quilter of the Year. I'm intimidated by t-shirt quilts, and yet you seem to crank one out (and a cute one at that) with no problem! I love the touches of color and how you made it a bit more modern with the zigzag stitching. Where do I sign up for lessons?! ;)

And the Star Wars sheet? I would die if I found something like that because I've been wanting to make some stuff for my boys.

Last but not least, the paintings are fantastic. Made me smile, especially the American Gothic one.

You guys are too cool for school.

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