Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Blogs in February?

I realized the other day I have not blogged in weeks!  I know everyone has been DYING to read something new from me (ha! I like to think so in my head), but like all failed moments in life, I have an excuse!  My #1 excuse, I honestly had nothing to blog about - I haven't taken any photos, I haven't quilted, I haven't tried any new recipes...

Sad?  Yes.  

For the last few weeks, it has felt a lot like Ground Hogs Day.  I work, go home, hang out with my husband and kiddo, then it's dinner and bath time (separate, not together), and lastly bedtime.   The one thing that HAS consumed my time (at least for the last 7 weeks) is working out.  Yes, I have been "workin' on my fitness."  I joined a Biggest Loser competition at work and our last weigh in is this upcoming Monday.  I'm glad I did it because I've lost 20lbs, but I am ready for it to be over.   I desperately want something covered in gravy!!  Brother Hooligans, I'll see you Monday evening for dinner.  Their motto is, "Got More Gravy?"   Even though the competition will be over, I still have a personal goal to lose 18 additional pounds, but it would be nice to cheat every once and awhile.  

Monday I will (hopefully) do a full blog about this whole Biggest Loser competition.  Now, I will (hopefully) have more time to photog, cook, quilt...anything my little heart desires :)  

As far as Valentines Day is concerned, please refer to my last years thoughts on this "holiday."  

Ok guys! I'm getting out of my bloggers rut!  :)  I'm gonna blog the snot out of March!  


Julie Marie said...

hahaha! blog the snot out of march! funny! i am new to blogging, so i havent gotten into a bloggers lull yet, but i can feel myself wanting to at times.. i am looking foward to hearing about your biggest losers competition =) new follower yaya!!

Julie Marie said...

p.s. LOVE the name of your blog too btw!

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