Monday, February 27, 2012

Biggest Loser Competition Complete - Recap

8 weeks - it really doesn't sound like much does it?? 8 weeks ago I agreed to join this BL competition at work because some gals at work asked me too.  I saw it as a good opportunity to lose the weight I gained from a stressful year end and the holidays.  I would say the last 5 months of 2011 was an eating free for all!  I don't know if all the working out I did in the beginning of the year burned me out or I just stopped caring...all I knew was my clothes were tight and soon enough I wouldn't be able to wear my beloved black hoodies to hide my growing muffin top.

So my goal was to AT LEAST get down to my lowest weight before the gradual gain of 2011.  
GOAL ACCOMPLISHED - 22 lbs lost (and hopefully never to be seen again)
As I was driving into work this morning, I was thinking about how hard I had to work to get that weight off....weeks of eating right, not eating out, exercising 5 days a week....I'm exhausted...and the pathetic truth is some days I wanted to burst into tears!  *sniff sniff*  I ran 3-4 days a week and would attend hour long zumba classes at the community center.  Zumba was probably the only thing that kept me sane.  Love me some Zumba.  It's like club line dancing.  I also met with a trainer from our gym at work once a week for strength training.  

I still have about 17 lbs more to go, but that sure sounds better than 39 lbs.  So you know what helped me keep my motivation? 

(motivation for my lazy booty board)  

Whenever I would feel zero desire to get on the treadmill, I would get online and look at the things I pinned for that extra bit of encouragement I needed.   Here are a few of my favorite pins that helped me along.

For those that are and have always struggled with weight, you are not alone :)  It's the one addiction you have to learn to manage.  Unlike other addictions (i.e. drugs) you can't quit eating and survive. You CAN quit crack and be just fine.  See what I'm saying? :)  

I also pinned some healthy recipes which you can find here: Pinterest - Healthy Recipes

I've tried the Crockpot BBQ Chicken and Taco Soup - both delicious.  

**Also!  I recommend some friendly competition.  Since this WAS a competition it gave me additional motivation to try to keep up with the person losing the most weight.  AND working out with friends  really helped too.  My sister in law Katy and my friend Jami go to Zumba with me every week.  

Have a great week everyone :)


Anonymous said...

These pinterest photos just gave me some motivation. I, too, have been eating without thinking twice what I'm putting in my mouth. I did so well walking and counting/tracking my calories and I don't know why I stopped. I'd like to start tracking again and getting outside and doing SOMETHING. Even if I'm not running hardcore, I should be outside doing something. Thanks for the motivation!

Sara said...

Thanks for the motivation! I was doing so well regarding working out before we moved...and then we moved. At first I honestly had no time because of the adjustment, but I don't have an excuse any more. Our house is supposed to be done in two that's my deadline for myself to be back in descent shape.

Julie Marie said...

awesome! very motivational. you stopped by my blog now, so you can seem i am a small girl.. so for me its always a struggle with 7-8 lbs...which in the light of the fact that i lost 70 after my first kid, its nothing.. but since its only 7 and i am just a tiny bit of muffin topping, it also makes it easier to just let it slide.. i loved all your quotes and pictures. im gonna keep coming back to this one =) for real~~

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Great post and I loved all the pics. Thanks for the motivation!!! Where do you work out?


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