Sunday, January 15, 2012

Liebster Love

Over the weekend, Carolina from Coisas de Carolina surprised me with The Liebster Award!

I'm always surprised anyone actually takes time out of their day to read my blog, but I think it's so neat that I have International readers :)  Oooooh, I know right? Carolina is originally from Brazil, but currently resides in Sweden.  She's a mom and wife and like most of us bloggers she posts about her daily life and all things Carolina.                                  
Part of the liebster award is that it is given by small bloggers (less than 300 followers), and then in turn you give it to 2-5 small blogs(less than 300 followers) that you read. you link back to your awarder and awardee and in turn makes a big chain of blogs you could follow that you might have never read. kinda fun, huh?
The 2 that I choose are:

She's a woman of many talents - singer, dancer, and actress...seriously, go check out her resume on her tab My Real Job.  She's a full time performer for The Mouse {Disney}. She's been super fun to read up on and so nice too!  

This is a fellow OK blogger.  I found her to be very relatable in the sense we both juggle work, marriage, and motherhood.  Her faith in God plays a role in all aspects of her life and that is something I admire and strive for as well.  Her blog is full of goodies on how to feed your faith, your family, and your body. 
Go check them out! :) 

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