Monday, December 5, 2011

Who is your doppelganger?

So I would normally do a weekend recap, but we were struck by THE PLAGUE {stomach flu for the kiddo and food poisoning for the hubs and I}.  We laid around all weekend wishing the other felt better only so someone could nurse us back to health. 

While I was at church Sunday morning, a friend from class asked me if I had caught the last episode of 2 Broke Girls.  I hadn't, but she said this girl was my doppelganger. She said for a moment she thought it was me.  What can I say, I act, I quilt, I can do it all! LOL.  SOoooo, I had to see this doppelganger of mine.  What what?  What's a doppelganger you ask?  Literally translated it means "double walker." 

I watched the episode and found out the girls name is Miki Ann Maddox...she played the "hipster girl."

My second doppelganger is Michaela Conlin from the show Bones.  I have never watched Bones, but a few people have said to me that I look like this girl....after seeing her they must mean on my most excellent day do I pass for this girl.

So who is your doppelganger?? :)


Sara said...

My celebrity doppleganger is Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls. Of course, I also had a 4-year old in Wal-Mart ask me if I was Xena, you know, the warrior princess. I almost told her yes...I was hiding my sword.

cssolomon said...

I totally see that!!! Well the Alexis girl, not so much the warrior princess :) LOL I miss you!!!

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