Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Very Belated Thanksgiving Recap and More Quilt and Photog Talk

Last week I took some vacation time.  I worked super hard Monday and Tuesday and cleaned our house from top to bottom.  By Sunday, it looked worse than when I started.  This whole house cleaning thing {with child} is a bust.  Who likes to do something EVERYDAY knowing it'll be a disaster again probably within the next 10 minutes?  I know it has to be done, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  BOO TO NEVER ENDING HOUSEWORK. It's like tossing water out of the Titanic with a bucket...sheesh.

- End of Rant -

So I haven't been keeping up with the ol' blog like I should have.  This blog actually is very important to me - it's my journal of my day to day life.  So one day when I'm super old and don't know where I am, I can look through this blog and at least read about all the stuff I don't remember.  Hopefully I'll know I'm reading about MY life and not someone else's:)  (BLURB.COM - you can make your blog entries a book!)

So Thanksgiving!  It was great.  Like I've said before, one of the best perks about marrying my husband is his family.  I totally love them and the best part is that they are all in driving distance.  So that means I see most of them on holidays :) 

Let's take a look at the delicious food one more time...Mmmmm...Grandma Solomon can probably make garbage taste good, so you can imagine what she can do with ingredients.  She makes everything from scratch.  Grandma Bush and Aunt Sam also put together a nice spread. YUM.  They make this coconut pecan pie - O-M-G.  Deliciousness. 

Christian had a great time out at Aunt Sam's.  He played ball, (reluctantly) rode on a 4-wheeler with dad, ran around, and yes,he put leaves in his mouth...great grandma quickly removed them.

Christian was obsessed with their German Shepard Bruno.  Honestly, I would kidnap that dog in a heartbeat.  Bruno was walking away from Christian, so he felt the need to chase him all around the house.

Bruno's not the only dog he tried smothering with his love.  Later that evening, we went to my parents and he tried pulling that stuff with Rocky.  Shi zsu's aren't known for being fond of children, but Rocky knows if he tries anything he'll get spanked, so he just sits there and looks REALLY uncomfortable.

Overall, I think we had a great Thanksgiving.  Christian was worn out!  So bad so, the next day he ran a fever for a few hours I think just from exhaustion.  I'm very thankful my family is happy and healthy.  Things might get tough sometimes - whether it be financial or otherwise - we always get through it and as long as we have our health I'm good :) 

On another note - My Next Quilting Project! 

 My friend Sammi mentioned I should make her a t-shirt quilt, so I thought I should try it on mine first.  I found out you have to use fusible interfacing to stabilize it...now I just have to find all my high school and college shirts....I really think I only have 2 high school t-shirts and 1 is a French Club t-shirt....wow, way to have school spirit Cristal.  I might have to start adding other shirts since I don't think I have enough school shirts...maybe my bachelorette party night shirt...race for the cure shirt?  We'll see :)

Photog Talk

Here are a couple of photos of my newest little model from the Carter Family Photo Shoot :)


Stephanie said...

I hear ya about housework! I'm seriously considering investing in one of those robot vacuums because I almost lose it when I walk around and get cracker crumbs stuck to my foot 2 hours after I've just cleaned the floor! Ah!

Jess said...

Hey If you think housework with one is hard try it with two ;)
Some of my fam came for Thanksgiving, and other than hubby's mum and dad, there is no family near so I truly envy your closeness to a lot of family. I hate that my girls don't get to see them often. You said on my site you want to learn to crochet. Just so you know a goal of mine in 2012 is to make some crochet tutorials.
Also, I sell my work so if you want to buy anything ;) let me know. I'm working on getting my shop page up really soon.
Also, leaves are meant for eating and dogs for chasing and cuddling.
Your pictures are lovely. I especially love the one with the doll. Cute!

amy@agoodlife said...

my husband has a t-shirt quilt & it's like his favorite thing EVER. love the photos from your session... what a cute model!

Brandy @ momwich said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting momwich.com -- I read all through your blog and love it! I have a truth to tell you, I met my husband online too :) I kind of think it's the best way :)

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