Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Belated} Halloween Recap - Matt circa 1975

I was a little conflicted about Halloween this year.  I know Christian can walk now, but I still didn't want to take him trick or treating - mainly because he's still not that into candy and too young to really know what he's missing.  In the end, we dressed him up for daycare and he just partied it up there with his friends.  We also stopped by Grandpa's later on that evening for some additional candy and to visit with his cousins :) 

Outfit: Thrifted $4.99.  Matt and I laughed so hard when we saw this outfit, we had to get it.  He looks just like Matt circa 1975.  It was like no one had ever worn it.  The tag said Made in America, so we knew it had to be vintage :) haha. 

The droopy look on his face is caused by a double ear infection in the works and sinusitis.  We found this out the day after Halloween.  Him and I have been passing our sickness back and forth to one another.  Matt will be forever immunized due to 10+ years of teaching in public schools. 

My awesome nephews

Is this not the cutest Duck you've ever seen?  He is such a mellow baby. 

HILARIOUS!  I didn't even ask them to do this.  I just said, "Hey guys, I wanna picture of both of you by the tree."  They then went into fighting stance.

I say speed and accuracy because a few days prior to Halloween, Ninja Turtle "accidentally" threw a brick at Ninja Kid's face and broke skin by his eye brow.  What really happened is he threw the brick and Ninja Kid accidentally walked in the path of the flying object. The fun stories I hear from Aunt Katy are limitless.  The joys of 3 boys :)

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