Monday, October 31, 2011

{Weekend Recap} It's Time For Fall!

So as soon as it turns October, I begin to experience all that is fall.  You already know I ingest anything pumpkin flavored - bagels, hot beverages, candy, etc...but the one aspect of fall I love is things coming to an end.  That sounds kind of sad, but the end of something isn't always a bad thing.  If some things never leave, how will you ever miss it? :)  I love seeing the trees turn from green to an array of oranges and yellows, I love going outside for that first week of chill in the air, and most of all, I like dusting off my old friends my hoodies :) lol. 

So, I just love walking around the neighborhood around this time and snapping a few shots

I think you have to learn to appreciate the beauty around you.  I might be 30, but every time I see a gorgeous sunset where it leaves the sky all colorful, I always turn to Matt and say how beautiful it is. Sometimes I think things like that a photo can't capture...well, maybe not with my amateur skills :)

Not a bad shot huh?

So the weather here has been a bit confusing on our vegetation.  We have flowers in bloom and our garden is still producing tomatoes and peppers...but this will probably be our last red tomato before the cold hits.

Christian LOVES being outside, so we've been trying to spend more time outside for him.  He throws balls and Frisbee's at Yoko...but Yoko always look at him with disappointment since his Frisbee throwing skills are below par.

Costello always looks at Christian like he's the one that messed it all up for him.  Well, actually that was probably Yoko, but Christian was the nail in the coffin.  He's definitely not a more than one pet kind of dog.

Also over the weekend, my dad's company sponsored an all family paid dinner and games at Incredible Pizza.  So, this was Christian's first time at an arcade.  It was almost an overload of stimuli - kids, lights, tons of buttons to push.  He wasn't too interested in the actual games...he wanted to press buttons, jiggle locks, and throw balls. At the end of playing skeeball, he decided it would be easier to get the ball in the hole by climbing up and inserting it in directly.  Hey, he doesn't play by the rules, but he gets the job done.

One thing we learned about our child is that he is not interested in rides.  Both the horse and carousel, he was on them for maybe 30 seconds and then he wanted off.  He wasn't scared, just bored.  He had that look like, "this is all it does??" 

This was the first game he actually shown some interest in and of course it was because he could throw something, but as you see he decided to crawl into the ball pit instead.

Sometimes a kid has to create his own fun :)

Fun times with grandma and grandpa :)

My favorite moment of the night.  Christian was having so much fun sitting on dad's lap shooting down...whatever they were shooting down...storm troopers? 

Ha! This is how I commenced my Halloween weekend celebration :)  Of course, after kiddo went to bed :)  Sunday night with a glass of wine and The Walking Dead.  Can you believe Shane shot Ottis??  I mean I knew Ottis wouldn't last long, but really?  I guess that's the first thing that goes after a zombie apocalypse - your morals.  Oh, this wine is really good - tastes just like cranberry and it's pretty mild.

Halloween blog next :)

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Valerie said...

Obviously I am just now getting caught up on my blog reading. Love this post! I, too, love fall for the way things are coming to an end. I also confess to LOVING the cold, gloomy, rainy days. They are my favorites. Weird, I know.

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