Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy {38th} Birthday to My Husband!

See this kid?  Well, today is his 38th birthday.  Did you also notice that 2 of the 4 photos he's wearing a Star Wars Shirt?  Some things don't change with age...they just become more passionate!  I guess I should be happy he's not walking around in a Bobba Fett outfit...even though I'm sure he would if he could.  :)  Although, every time we walk up to an automatic door, he waves his fingers across like he's opening it with "the force."  Heehee, I would like to tell my Nerd husband happy birthday and how much I love him.  My eyes may glaze over when you talk all sci-fi geek, but regardless of my interest in it, I completely enable your love for all things sci-fi.  Like I've always said, you could always be doing something far worse.  ;)  You are an amazing husband and in honor of all that awesomeness, here is my top 10 of you.

1. I whole heartily appreciate every morning you get up and help me find my badge, keys, and purse {yes, every morning these 3 things are missing} and then you always walk me out to my car.

2.  I am always amazed how patient you are with Christian.  You read to him almost every night until he falls asleep.  Granted, I've walked in a couple of times and you were sleeping as well, lol.  

3.  I appreciate when you randomly tell me how lucky you are to have found me.  I know I may not show it all the time, but it means a lot to me.  

4.   I admire the kind of teacher you.  You genuinely care about where your students are headed and want to steer them in a good direction.  Teaching is an underpaid and sometimes undervalued profession, but it's a job you love and for that I am thankful. 

5.  I am so thankful I married a man that loves me for me.  Even at my heaviest after having Christian, you always told me how beautiful I was....and even though I thought you were full of sh**, I still appreciated it :)  Hey, they don't really warn you about how traumatized you'll be about your morphed body after child birth and if they do, nothing really prepares you!  I digress...

6.  I love how you like to push Christian around in his stroller when we're out and about.

7. I appreciate how patient you are with me.  There have been many times I wouldn't have blamed you for reacting, but you always manage to stay calm when I'm freaking out about something.

8.  I love how close you are to your family.  Even though sometimes you still act like a punk older brother, I know how much you love your sister and just want her to be taken care of and happy.  You are always there to help out the grandparents and even my parents as well.

9.  I appreciate how you wished you had more time to get to know my brother.  You only met him a handful of times before he passed away, but I know that wasn't enough...thank ful for always telling me what a good sister I was...

10.  I love that I never get tired of being around you...that I never second guess my decision to marry you.  I always look forward to our future and wonder what's in store for us - trips, vacations, new home, watching Christian and all his milestones...I think it'll all be fun :)

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matt solomon said...

Thank you so much for doing this page babe. It was the best gift you gave me. Now don't get me wrong the Battlestar Galactica box set is great but this is my favorite!

Mom of the Fab 4!! said...

I am a new follower from Bloggy Moms! Love the blog! Your son is aborable! Can't wait to read more!I am at

amy@agoodlife said...

oh he was such a cute kid! happy birthday to your main man :)

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