Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frisbee + Great Grandparents = The Time of His Life!

Yesterday, we took Christian to his 15 month appointment...a month late.  He turned 16 months yesterday.  I would say it's late because I was in New York last month, but in all honesty, I lallygagged around too long and this was the earliest I could get him in.  He received 4 shots (one being the flu shot) and he knew it was coming.  As soon as his clothes came off and we placed him on that butcher paper, he started wailing.  It really does seem like a traumatizing experience.  You are in almost in the nude, your parents whom you thought were on your side holds you down, while the same nurse that gave you that cool sticker jabs 4 needles into your thigh.  It's tough being a kid.  He was a trooper the rest of the day though. 

After the appointment, we made a trip to the {great} grandparents - Matt's grandparents.  As soon as we arrived, Christian made sure everyone received a high five.

Then it was Frisbee time! Who knew this would be so much fun.  He absolutely loves to throw, catch, and chase. 

He's always willing to share....

...but he'll always try to get to the Frisbee first...

Where did it go??

From the looks of it, you'd think this was the time of his life!

He just can't contain all the happiness, lol

Why does he have that eye brow raised?  I think he's plottin' on us..

Love this kid :)  We had a great day with kiddo.  All the running around at the great grandparents, he passed out super quick that night.  

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Valerie said...

So yeah, of course, you've got a super CUTE kid, but what about those great-grandparents?! Hello, adorable! Can I rent them? ;)

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