Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Belated} Weekend Recap - 1st Playground Experience


Matt and I took the day off and "shopped" around for a new daycare for Christian.  We loved our previous daycare, but unfortunately she was unable to stay open due to the lack of kiddo's, so she had to close up shop.  One of the hardest decisions a working family has to make for their child is daycare. My previous daycare had been recommended to me by my boss...if my boss took her child there, then I felt safe with Christian there.  We checked out two providers and decided to go with a one Matt's friend owned.  It is in a elementary school, so I liked how Christian got the feeling of an actual school, as well as being around a lot more kid's his own age, which I think is good for him now.  We liked their curriculum for kids his age, as well as the faculty and their facilities.

After visiting the first daycare, we went by our friends bookstore he owns.  He's nice enough to allow Christian to fling books off the shelf...I'm right behind him picking them up.  It's a cute little shop that sells books and antiques (toy, glass, and other antiques). 

While we were waiting to visit our last daycare Friday afternoon, we took Christian by a local playground.  Did he have fun?  The pictures speak for themselves...

He had to have his drink - a baby gets parched sitting there swinging like that.

Watching all the other kids...

He loved going down all the slides with daddy

His favorite thing was probably the zip line...


It was time for the Solomon family reunion in Skiatook.  Their reunion's are low key, which I like.  They gather, mingle, and eat. 

It took him awhile, but eventually Christian was playing ball with the other kiddos.  He's very shy at first...I was like that too.  My mom likes to tell the story of when we lived in Korea, I would take the money my uncle gave me and go down to the store and by tons of candy with it.  Then I would give it to the town kids...this is apparently how I tried to make friends from the beginning...bribery.  I'll give you candy if you'll play with me.  THEN, my mom tells me they would just take the candy and go.  Nice. Hopefully my kid won't have to give his candy away.  The way he eats, I think he would choose candy over friends. 

Rigby and Olivia having a staring contest.  It almost looks like Olivia was bouncing away and then poof! Rigby road blocked her. 

He's almost 1!  He is seriously one of the most chill babies ever.  He just sits there and smiles at ya. 

It's not a family reunion without tons of food and some music.

Wore out!  I love his feet.  One day they will be all big and hairy and gross...so I kiss on them now while they are still cute and soft. 


No pictures were taken.  We went to church and said goodbye to The Blair's in our Sunday school class.  She received a job opportunity in Texas, so they are off.  I'm sad to see Sara go...she's always been such a sweet person and I wish I would have taken the opportunities that I had to get to know her better.  I remember the first time I saw her...she was tall, pretty, and all classy looking.  I thought to myself, "she's probably snooty."  Hey, I'm just being honest here.  Yes, I have shallow moments where I judge purely on physical appearance.  You know you've done it too!  Anyways, like 9 out of my 10 first impressions, I was wrong.  She always came over and chatted with me and said funny things to me on facebook.  After I had Christian and was M.I.A from class, she invited me over to her house and whipped us up some dinner and we chatted.  She has such a kind heart and was always open to make new friends in class....something this socially awkward girl should learn from :)  Anyways, I wish you nothing but happiness you guys :) 


Desperate Housemommy said...

There is nothing more precious than that first handful of First Playground Pics.


Good on you for capturing the moment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Great pics... adorable! Stopping by from bloggy Moms. Thanks for joining Mom's Gotta Work :-)

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