Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Belated} Weekend Recap - 1st Playground Experience


Matt and I took the day off and "shopped" around for a new daycare for Christian.  We loved our previous daycare, but unfortunately she was unable to stay open due to the lack of kiddo's, so she had to close up shop.  One of the hardest decisions a working family has to make for their child is daycare. My previous daycare had been recommended to me by my boss...if my boss took her child there, then I felt safe with Christian there.  We checked out two providers and decided to go with a one Matt's friend owned.  It is in a elementary school, so I liked how Christian got the feeling of an actual school, as well as being around a lot more kid's his own age, which I think is good for him now.  We liked their curriculum for kids his age, as well as the faculty and their facilities.

After visiting the first daycare, we went by our friends bookstore he owns.  He's nice enough to allow Christian to fling books off the shelf...I'm right behind him picking them up.  It's a cute little shop that sells books and antiques (toy, glass, and other antiques). 

While we were waiting to visit our last daycare Friday afternoon, we took Christian by a local playground.  Did he have fun?  The pictures speak for themselves...

He had to have his drink - a baby gets parched sitting there swinging like that.

Watching all the other kids...

He loved going down all the slides with daddy

His favorite thing was probably the zip line...


It was time for the Solomon family reunion in Skiatook.  Their reunion's are low key, which I like.  They gather, mingle, and eat. 

It took him awhile, but eventually Christian was playing ball with the other kiddos.  He's very shy at first...I was like that too.  My mom likes to tell the story of when we lived in Korea, I would take the money my uncle gave me and go down to the store and by tons of candy with it.  Then I would give it to the town kids...this is apparently how I tried to make friends from the beginning...bribery.  I'll give you candy if you'll play with me.  THEN, my mom tells me they would just take the candy and go.  Nice. Hopefully my kid won't have to give his candy away.  The way he eats, I think he would choose candy over friends. 

Rigby and Olivia having a staring contest.  It almost looks like Olivia was bouncing away and then poof! Rigby road blocked her. 

He's almost 1!  He is seriously one of the most chill babies ever.  He just sits there and smiles at ya. 

It's not a family reunion without tons of food and some music.

Wore out!  I love his feet.  One day they will be all big and hairy and gross...so I kiss on them now while they are still cute and soft. 


No pictures were taken.  We went to church and said goodbye to The Blair's in our Sunday school class.  She received a job opportunity in Texas, so they are off.  I'm sad to see Sara go...she's always been such a sweet person and I wish I would have taken the opportunities that I had to get to know her better.  I remember the first time I saw her...she was tall, pretty, and all classy looking.  I thought to myself, "she's probably snooty."  Hey, I'm just being honest here.  Yes, I have shallow moments where I judge purely on physical appearance.  You know you've done it too!  Anyways, like 9 out of my 10 first impressions, I was wrong.  She always came over and chatted with me and said funny things to me on facebook.  After I had Christian and was M.I.A from class, she invited me over to her house and whipped us up some dinner and we chatted.  She has such a kind heart and was always open to make new friends in class....something this socially awkward girl should learn from :)  Anyways, I wish you nothing but happiness you guys :) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap - Missing Keys 84 hours and Counting

That is all I did the WHOLE weekend.  I searched high and low for my missing keys.  I saw them Thursday night and then Poof!  Vanished into thin air.  I have looked everywhere...even in odd places just hoping Christian found a interesting place to indiscreetly place my keys.  *sigh* my little baby ninja.  We looked in pots and pans, floor vents, couch cushions, closets, shoes, etc.  I will give him credit for hiding something SO WELL, I probably will never find them...

A hight light of my weekend was...

It's one of my favorite meals - dolsot bibimbap - a bed of rice, veggies, bulgogi (marinated beef), and a fried egg :)  You had a whole mess of hot sauce, delish! 

Then it was back to searching for my keys, so really there isn't much to recap on. 

I'm excited about all the TV premieres this week.  I can't wait for the premier of The New Girl.  It looks so cute and I love Zooey Deschanel.  Which ones are you looking forward too?  Tonight is also Glee and Raising Hope....LOVE Raising Hope.  Did anyone watch 2 and 1/2 Men? 

Today, I decided to treat myself to a little present

If you've EVER been a bridesmaid ( 5 times for me), then this movie will make you laugh.  You are bound to relate to one of these ladies. 

This blog post is mediocre at best, but I thought Something was better than nothing...or does that not apply in the blog world?  :)  have a good rest of the week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

{1460 days} - 4 years since...

It's been 4 years since my brother passed away.  I think I take his birthday the hardest since we were only 2 days apart, but the one thought I take away from September 15th is that it was the day he took his last breath.  It does something to you when you are holding the hand of your baby brother and you witness him passing.  There was nothing I could have done as a big sister to change what was playing out in front of me...I couldn't make him better, I couldn't switch places with him, I couldn't take the pain away from my parents, I just couldn't....

I like to think the best parts of me came from him.  Don't get me wrong, my parents are amazing and they did the best they could...but it's amazing how much you can learn from someone that is unable to speak.  Because of him, I have an enormous amount of compassion....maybe to a fault.   Any time I see someone with a disability, my heart just goes out to them and their family...I'm hoping they are getting the best care and they have a loving and supportive family like my brother did.   I don't take jokes about mental retardation or people with special needs well at all.   I think it's a tacky subject to joke about. 

I think some people the older they get, the colder they become....especially after someone close to them has passed away or if you've been hurt by someone you love.  It's easy to do, I understand.  That's just not how I want to live my life.  I took many things away from the experience of losing my one and only sibling...and one was to love as much as possible because when I die, I don't want to be remembered as the woman that always had something mean to say.  I don't care for gossip these days.  Instead of rushing to tell someone the first piece of juicy gossip I've heard about someone, I keep it to myself and just feel flattered that person confided in me.  I don't like to get in the middle of other peoples drama because most likely they will work it out themselves...a 3rd party usually makes it worse. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is everyday is an opportunity to better yourself...better yourself as a wife, a mother, a friend, whatever role(s) you are....

Sometimes at night I'll wonder if my brother is proud of who I've become...who I am becoming....a lot of times I think he would be disappointed...since he has access to my not so nice thoughts sometimes ;)  But like someone once told me, if you don't give up, you haven't failed. So, the next day, I try to have better thoughts. 

It's easy to judge...sometimes we do it without even realizing it.  Someone else once told me, "Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."  It's true. 

September 15th carries a whole mess of emotions for me, but it also is the same day my sister in law married her match 10 years ago and the same day that my friend Tamara gave birth to her baby girl one year ago.  It's a happy day, therefore on this day, I will remember my brother with the utmost happiest thoughts, which is really all I have anyways :) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, back to the weekend {recap}

Over the weekend, we "celebrated" Matt's birthday.  My whole plan was for the 3 of us to have dinner Friday night and then Saturday take him out and drop the kiddo off at my parents.  Well...

Friday, we all went to Shiloh's.  It's a down-home-cookin' restaurant which neither of us had ever gone to.  The food was pretty good, our waiter on the other hand was SLOW.  Now don't get me wrong, I have all the patience and respect in the world for waiting tables, but my patience runs short when my 16 month old decides to show us just how loud his voice can get.  He wasn't throwing a tantrum, he just was {what some people say} finding his voice.  Well, he found it.  He just started yelling....then screaming!  To make a long story short, Matt took him out to the car and I got our food boxed up....

Luckily, to make up for such a stressful eating experience, I had earlier that day made Matt his favorite cookies....oatmeal pecan.  I made approximately 30 cookies and they were all gone by Sunday.

Saturday wasn't much better in the dining experience.  We ended up at the Cheescake Factory.  I took my lactose intolerant husband to the CHEESEcake Factory.  Nothing sounded good to either one of us, so we ended up there somehow.  It's not like they make everything with cheese.  Overpriced burgers it is!  This is how we differ when it comes to burgers....

So Sunday rolls around and all Matt wanted to do all weekend was take Christian to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day.  We were for sure this would be AWESOME.  *sigh* it was not so awesome.  We were SO unprepared.  I honestly thought he would be so amazed by all the animals, I would have nothing to do, but take tons of cute photos!  I was wrong. Well, I did get a few in before the independent Chrisian came out....

Where did they go???

There you guys are!

NOOOOO!  I wanna walk!

Matt having a talk with the kid :)

He has my lens cap in his hands

...and it begins...

We didn't even get passed the monkeys...the monkeys are the first attraction!  Like I said, we will try this again when it's cooler and when he's older...we're thinking October 2014.  I can see why people get those backpack harness things for their kids.  Don't be shocked if you see us at the zoo again with Christian wearing one.  I've always been against those, but I was against a lot of things before I became a parent.  If parenting has taught me one thing is to NOT judge a persons parenting technique.  If it works for them, why do you care?  As long as that kid isn't being abused and mistreated, you go right ahead and put your kid on one of those toddler leashes.  Don't assume your way is the end all be all.

...getting down from my soap box.

So, that was my weekend.  Have a great week!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

{Limitless} Would you?

I would normally blog about my weekend, but it was such a odd one, I will need one more day to get all my thoughts in order.  I will tell you this...Christian and his parents were NOT ready for the zoo.  I repeat NOT READY.  We had everything working against us. We had a stubborn, independent, due for his second nap, walking / running toddler {strike 1} there were WAY too many people {strike 2} we did not have snacks and sun block {strike 3}.  He was more fascinated with all the people and DOOR KNOBS he didn't even notice the animals.  He ran up to EVERY door just trying his hardest to break in! In about a month he'll be tall enough to fully grab the knobs and twist.   Matt and I decided we will attempt the zoo again...October 2014 *sigh* I digress...

So, after kiddo went to bed last night (which didn't take too long since he spent the day terrorizing his parents at the zoo he was pretty much spent), the husband and I rented Limitless.  I wanted to see it when it came out, but people with kids rarely get that luxury...you know, freedom.  If you disregard all the wholes in the story line and think of it as JUST A MOVIE, it was kind of interesting.  After the movie, Matt asked me if I could take a pill that gave me limitless intelligence would I take it?  I would like to think that if it was unsafe I would say no...but knowing me, I would think to myself, Well, it won't kill me to try it once, right?   Then he asked me, "What if it took a year off your life...?"  I said, "Depends on when I'm going to die I suppose.  If nothing goes wrong with me and I live to like 98...then dying at 97 doesn't seem all that different..."
Now remember, this is all la-la land talk...I love asking what if  kind of questions.  So readers, I pose the question to you....

If you could take a pill {once a day, everyday} that would give you the ability to use 100% of your brain, would you?  Would you still take it if you knew it would take a year off your life? 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy {38th} Birthday to My Husband!

See this kid?  Well, today is his 38th birthday.  Did you also notice that 2 of the 4 photos he's wearing a Star Wars Shirt?  Some things don't change with age...they just become more passionate!  I guess I should be happy he's not walking around in a Bobba Fett outfit...even though I'm sure he would if he could.  :)  Although, every time we walk up to an automatic door, he waves his fingers across like he's opening it with "the force."  Heehee, I would like to tell my Nerd husband happy birthday and how much I love him.  My eyes may glaze over when you talk all sci-fi geek, but regardless of my interest in it, I completely enable your love for all things sci-fi.  Like I've always said, you could always be doing something far worse.  ;)  You are an amazing husband and in honor of all that awesomeness, here is my top 10 of you.

1. I whole heartily appreciate every morning you get up and help me find my badge, keys, and purse {yes, every morning these 3 things are missing} and then you always walk me out to my car.

2.  I am always amazed how patient you are with Christian.  You read to him almost every night until he falls asleep.  Granted, I've walked in a couple of times and you were sleeping as well, lol.  

3.  I appreciate when you randomly tell me how lucky you are to have found me.  I know I may not show it all the time, but it means a lot to me.  

4.   I admire the kind of teacher you.  You genuinely care about where your students are headed and want to steer them in a good direction.  Teaching is an underpaid and sometimes undervalued profession, but it's a job you love and for that I am thankful. 

5.  I am so thankful I married a man that loves me for me.  Even at my heaviest after having Christian, you always told me how beautiful I was....and even though I thought you were full of sh**, I still appreciated it :)  Hey, they don't really warn you about how traumatized you'll be about your morphed body after child birth and if they do, nothing really prepares you!  I digress...

6.  I love how you like to push Christian around in his stroller when we're out and about.

7. I appreciate how patient you are with me.  There have been many times I wouldn't have blamed you for reacting, but you always manage to stay calm when I'm freaking out about something.

8.  I love how close you are to your family.  Even though sometimes you still act like a punk older brother, I know how much you love your sister and just want her to be taken care of and happy.  You are always there to help out the grandparents and even my parents as well.

9.  I appreciate how you wished you had more time to get to know my brother.  You only met him a handful of times before he passed away, but I know that wasn't enough...thank ful for always telling me what a good sister I was...

10.  I love that I never get tired of being around you...that I never second guess my decision to marry you.  I always look forward to our future and wonder what's in store for us - trips, vacations, new home, watching Christian and all his milestones...I think it'll all be fun :)

{1 year ago}

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frisbee + Great Grandparents = The Time of His Life!

Yesterday, we took Christian to his 15 month appointment...a month late.  He turned 16 months yesterday.  I would say it's late because I was in New York last month, but in all honesty, I lallygagged around too long and this was the earliest I could get him in.  He received 4 shots (one being the flu shot) and he knew it was coming.  As soon as his clothes came off and we placed him on that butcher paper, he started wailing.  It really does seem like a traumatizing experience.  You are in almost in the nude, your parents whom you thought were on your side holds you down, while the same nurse that gave you that cool sticker jabs 4 needles into your thigh.  It's tough being a kid.  He was a trooper the rest of the day though. 

After the appointment, we made a trip to the {great} grandparents - Matt's grandparents.  As soon as we arrived, Christian made sure everyone received a high five.

Then it was Frisbee time! Who knew this would be so much fun.  He absolutely loves to throw, catch, and chase. 

He's always willing to share....

...but he'll always try to get to the Frisbee first...

Where did it go??

From the looks of it, you'd think this was the time of his life!

He just can't contain all the happiness, lol

Why does he have that eye brow raised?  I think he's plottin' on us..

Love this kid :)  We had a great day with kiddo.  All the running around at the great grandparents, he passed out super quick that night.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Labor Day} Weekend Recap

I feel like God showed some mercy on the state of OK this weekend with some A-MAZING weather.  We rarely have ideal weather, but Labor Day was just that.  The high was 75-80 degrees and the low was a chilling 50.  Well HELLO Hoodie, I've missed you.  We're going to have a great fall together. 


We started out our Labor Day weekend with a little cookout with the Turners.  Casey's husband bought her a sewing machine for her birthday, so {really} we went over so I could help her get it set up...and what better way to celebrate the beginning of a future sewer than to watch one of my all time favorite movies How to Make an American Quilt.  Just to clarify, this is an actual movie...not a quilting tutorial like Chris thought.  Needless to say, about 10 minutes into it, the men left the room. 

Another reason for the visit was so I could see baby Avery :)  She is now 5 months old.  I loved this age...starting to chatter away, smile, and roll.  You could put them down on the floor and knew they would be in the same spot when you got back....*sigh*  Those were the days...

Christian clearly had a good time...

He's such a classy house guest...scratches his bottom, sits with his legs spread apart, gets a bumbo stuck to his back side....

...and let's not forget abruptly falling down and just laying there for awhile...


We headed over to my parents house for some sweet and sour chicken :)   Matt mentioned it to my mother like 2 weeks ago about how good it was (his way of asking her to make it) and Poof! She calls, "Heeey, I made sweet and sour chicken for my son in law..."  She spoils him with food.  Up until Matt came along, I'm pretty sure when I would visit there would only be rice and kimchi.

While we were there, Christian tried on his hanbok.  My family in Korea sent it a few months ago for our family photo's, but it's still big on him....I think it's for a 2 year old.  Hopefully he'll grow into it in the next month...

Here is baby Cristal...not looking so happy about wearing hers...I mean seriously, look at all that!  I don't blame baby me for being disgruntled. 

{Monday} - Labor Day

We didn't visit more family, we didn't cookout, we just spent the day together.  Matt worked on the lawn in the morning while Christian and I went to Target for a few things.  Afterwards, we went to Riverside to Los Cabos for some Mexican and to enjoy the nice weather. 

Christian enjoyed his cheesey enchilada, rice, and beans. Whenever he eats, we'll say, "Show me your belly!" He'll lift up his shirt and start slapping his bulging stomach.  That's my kid, all class :) LOL

AND here is all the food we consumed this weekend....Um, this is a judgment free zone, so keep your disapproving words to yourself...I already feel enough shame! Mmmm, but it was all so good.  We had a good time didn't we food? :) Heehee...

Well, that was my Labor Day weekend...now back to work.  Have a great week!!!  At least we're one day closer to the weekend ;)
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