Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap - Who needs a drink? {my hand is raised}

So, after this long {stressful} week, I took a quick detour to the liquor store on my way home Friday.  I thought it was time to try a new local wine. *disclaimer* I only have a glass of wine AFTER the kiddo has gone to bed!  Ok, so I went in and perused the local wine aisle and I found one I had tried a few years ago at the fair.  I liked it so much I bought a bottle, but as I was getting it out of the car I dropped it {like the spaz that I am} and it shattered all over my driveway.  I'm pretty sure I screamed, "Nooooo!" as it fell in slow motion. 

It's sad when the liquor store guy disregards your ID and says, "It's ok, I remember you..." 
I said, "Uh, that's not good if you remember my face."
He then says to offset my apparent shock, "No, I just remember faces really well."  He followed that up with how he USED to have a photographic memory, which I thought was funny how he LOST his photographic memory, Ha!  I digress.  They had a white and red wine, both sweet, but since I haven't bought a red wine in awhile, I thought I would take a gander....not to heavy, not too sweet, just right...for me :)

We just spent time with family.  We had breakfast at Ollies with Matt's dad, uncle and grandma which is always fun for me.  Matt has some awesome grandparents.  They are so funny!  We also went to buy Christian some new shoes.  I felt like I was cramming his feet into his size 4 chucks, so it was time to move on up to a size 5.  The kid has some big feet for a 15 month old.   It looks like he's walking on boats.

We just caught up on some sleep and got everything ready for Matt's first day back to school.  He ironed like a thousand pair of slacks and shirts, so he will iron my clothes as well.  I never iron unless it's noticeably wrinkled and even then I try to throw it in the dryer first.  Then when I put on my freshly ironed clothes, he always says, "pretty nice huh?  I ironed them."  I say "Thank you!"  and we both move on :) 

Matt and my parents surprised me with a belated birthday dinner at P.F. Chang's Sunday evening, which was so thoughtful.  My dad said to me, "It was your mom's idea..."  I think it's a mom thing, I never voice all that is going on in my life, but she can always see it in my face.  After dinner, we walked around to let all the food settle.  Christian loves hanging out with the G-parents...

He looks so much like my mom! LOL.  My dad has those transition glasses, so it looks like one lens is transitioning, but the other not so much.

Surprisingly, there was living vegetation!  With all this 110+ degree weather a lot of plants and flowers have been dying off.  Seriously, if you drive by a whole bunch of trees and you block out the fact that it feels like hell outside, you would think it's the fall by the color or the leaves... but it is Utica Square...I'm sure they are watering around the clock. 

Well, after a full day of fun visiting family, eating dinner, screaming in a restaurant, running away from his parents (he's not just walking anymore, he's trying to run), rough housing with grandpa, this kid was tapped out.  I know it's probably the angle I took this photo, but he looks so much older than 15 months.  Sheesh!

One thing I realized this week about myself is that I AM A STRESS EATER!  Now, you would think I would know this about myself by now, but clearly I have never truly been this stressed.  I'm pretty sure Friday I consumed 3 bagels...among other things!  So, to offset my crazy appetite, I bought a ridiculous amount of fruit.  At least if I'm going to munch all day, I better be munchin' on some healthy foods. 



kyna... said...

As usual, beautiful pictures! Looks like a great weekend!
♥ Kyna

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Beautiful pictures. If you can show me a Mommy who isn't a stress eater, I would be surprised. LOL! Your little boy is the cutest.

ShaRhonda aka Mrs. Hart @ The RHOK

Krystina said...

Oh so adorable! Sounds like a broken record around here, but- freakin gorgeous pictures! Love every second of your weekend!! :) Since my weeks work backwards, tonight's my friday! I wish I had had the sense to go pick up a bottle of wine... Geesh! lol Hope your week is lovely! :)

Frugal in WV said...

Your pics are great! Im totally a stress eater also, especially carbs :)

amy@agoodlife said...

YUM for all the fruit!! i am a stress eater too. rather than do what i should be doing (or whatever it is i'm procrastinating) i think to myself, "hmmm, i think i'll make a snack instead." and then i do.

so i'm the same way... it's all healthy snacks around here! if i had some sort of sugary cereal i'd be DONE. it is my weakness.

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