Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap - Where's the Remote? Shampoo? Contacts?

This weekend was all about what's new with Christian.  Let's just  begin with all things missing, shall we?  If you don't watch him with eagle eyes, you're bound to "find" something missing by the end of the day.  I swear ever since he turned into a WALKING baby clepto, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!  Some items I find, some still remain missing.  Last weekend when I went out to dinner with my girls, I found one of my dirty socks in my purse.  I have also found my socks in the wash cloth drawer, a shampoo bottle under the coffee table, and {the newest} our TV remote from our bedroom on the toilet.  He's a baby ninja!  He's so quiet when he conducts these missions.  I call it, "Operation: Drive Momma Bananas"  The one item I still have not found are my brand new contacts.  I had them on the kitchen counter and Poof! Gone.  My dear husband even went through the trash to make sure he didn't throw them away....we came to the conclusion it had to be the kid.  I'm sure he's got a pile of stolen goods somewhere in his bedroom. 

On Friday, we went to a burrito place called Baja Jacks.  It's like a Qdoba or Chipotle, but they have this one burrito I LOVE - the cherizo and egg burrito, Mmmmm...anyways, so I ordered Christian a kids bean burrito, but what does he eat instead?  The mango salsa that was on the salsa buffet.  I'm sort of happy that he would rather eat veggies and fruit, but I was just afraid all that acid would cause problems later, eeeek!  He eventually got to the bits of burrito I cut up for him, but not until all the mango salsa was devoured. 

Saturday, we went to the fair grounds for some flea market action.  I thought I would snap a photo of the Tulsa Driller.  You guys remember the Friends episode(s) when Chandler's job reassigned him to Tulsa?  Well, they would always show this statue in those episodes.  {I digress} This is where the Saturday flea market is held.  I like this one BECAUSE it is indoors - let me remind you how hot it has been...

A bit excessive don't you think?
{good grief, my car is dusty!}

While we were there, I saw this --------->
The reason for this photo isI have 2 co-workers that spent a good part of Thursday arguing on whether it was "Welcome Back Kotter" or "Welcome back Carter"  Just in case there was any doubt....
 We also went and visited Great Grandma...he played so hard he literally fell over and passed out.  Ever since he became mobile, he refuses any assistance.  He wants to do everything ON HIS OWN and if you try to pick him up he will force his way out of your arms so he can get back to walking.  It's been an adjustment for all of us.  I remember the times when I could sit him anywhere and he couldn't crawl away.  Now, I am sprinting after him yelling, "Nooooooo!"   Everyday he looks more like a little boy and less like the baby I brought home :(  

After a visit with Great G-ma, we went to Miss Darcie for his second haircut.  It ran into his first nap of the day, so he managed to get in a quick one before his appointment. 

He has a pretty set schedule, so I really hate when we have to deviate from it.  He wakes up around 7am and he always has a nap around 10am and 2pm.  He rarely fusses about it...I think he prefers it as much as we do.  If he doesn't fall asleep right away he just has his alone time - plays with his stuffed animals or his fish TV. 

**Over the weekend, we battled teething X's 10!  He has 4 molars coming in, so his mouth looks like a bloody mess.  He will be playing and then just scream for a couple of minutes and then go back to playing.  All the teething has caused severe congestion.  When his nose wasn't running, he would be so stuffy he couldn't breath.  I felt so bad for him.  He slept with us Saturday night.  Luckily, I think we are in the home stretch for this teething moment. 

I did make some time to quilt and make one gaudy pin cushion thingy :)

Not too shabby if I do say so myself :)

I'm pretty excited, I should have my top quilt don this week...then I will need to recruit assistance on how I sandwich it together.  All that work, I want to make sure I slap it together right :)

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