Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap - I get by with a little help from my friends...

I always get excited when it's time to meet up with my girls.  It rarely happens anymore due to...well, all that is marriage and motherhood.  {I digress}Remember when the weekends meant absolutely nothing?  You knew you would be doing Something, but nothing was set in stone. One of my favorite times in my life was right after college, working, living on my own and having no one to answer to....ahhhh 20's, I'm glad you're gone, but every once and awhile, I like to think back fondly of our time together. 

We went to Zio's to have a night full of carbohydrates, mixed drinks, and chit chat. 

Oh! Let me introduce you to my girls: Jill and Casey

I met Jill at work about 6 years ago.  I came in as a contractor and she had already been there for a couple of months. She was the one that had to train me, so during our training sessions we would chat, but it wasn't until one day after lunch I knew this was the beginning of an awesome friendship.  So, we're sitting in my itty bitty cubicle chatting away and then she let out one of those silent stinky burps - Mexican for lunch CLEARLY.  It was so strong I couldn't even fake that I didn't smell it, so I just started laughing!  So she started laughing....and soon, we both had tears in our eyes...I said, "Oh my goodness, I swear I thought I was going to pass out." She just kept saying, "I'm sorry!"  Now, here we are :) 

I met Casey in college about 10 years ago.  She was my R.A.  We hit it off right away, but we did our own thing over the years.  It really wasn't until after college we became close.  We decided to room with each other... and that time I mentioned above being one of the best times in my life?  Well, that was with Miss Casey.  Now, we had our fights like most roommates do, but I like to think the fights just made our friendship stronger...besides, we had more good times anyways.  My favorite time with Casey was when we decorated our Christmas tree.  We decked it out in hot pink, feather boas, jewels, and all things girly.  We sat around and watched girly movies, cooked, drank wine, critiqued the guys we were dating - always good times. 

Jill got Casey and I cupcakes from Kupcakz for our birthdays!  I don't know how they make their icing, but it is A-MA-ZING.  My favorite is the Sooner Than Later (not seen above, they sold out) - it's a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  They are all delicious though. 

This is what happens when we get together...not alcohol induced, purely friend induced.   We might be married with kids now, but we still know how to be dumb with each other.  LOL - what can I say?  That's why I love these's ALWAYS a judgment free zone =)

After almost 3 hours at the restaurant catching up, we decided to get a cup of coffee before we called it a night.  Well, we started feeling the eyes of the wait staff burning a hole into us...they could have had another group of people in and out by the time we left.  Hey, I tipped well for our extended stay.   We went down the street to Starbucks, so our conversation soon turned PG and/or coded words. 

 Yes, right in the middle of Starbucks - who cares? :)  You can tell we're all looking a bit tired.  That's what kids do to you...tired by 9:30.  We all have a kid under the age of 2.

Everytime we're together we try to do a group photo...but these kind of photos should really be taken with a smaller pocket size camera.  My Canon DSLR is just too big, but now we've made it our thing.  We know it'll turn out bad, but we always have to try. 

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE hanging out with my husband and kiddo, but it's healthy for me to have girls night out.  It's my time to regroup and remember that I'm Cristal not just mommy and wife.  They make me be silly and we all need a little of that every once and awhile, right? :)

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