Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap - Realizations

We had another weekend with Zero plans, so it was nice.  I realized a few things though over the weekend.

1.  My child does not take requests.  Every evening when we're eating dinner or taking a bath, we do the "Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes" song and every time I point at one of those body parts and say, "Christian what's this??"  He just looks at me and laughs.  I had no clue I was SO funny to this child.  Well, the words I don't think I'm teaching him, he likes to say, but only when he wants to say them.  For instance, he said "diaper" the other day twice.  So I yelled to Matt, "He said diaper!!"  When Matt came into the room, I told Christian to say diaper again...what does he do??  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  Then the other night, Christian finished his milk, so Matt scooped him up to put him to bed.  I say to him, "Night night Christian!"  He repeats back, "Night night!"  I said, "Say night night again" What does he do?  Laugh laugh laugh.  So, he's given me the confidence that he IS learning words, he just doesn't care to say them back...and it is very clear he knows the word NO.  He will either throw a mini tantrum or look me dead in the eyes and continue to do the thing I told him not to do. 

2.  They push Christmas on us a little earlier every year.  We went to Hobby Lobby over the weekend and for those that are not blessed with having this mega craft superstore in your area, I pray you have something similar :)  I've told many people that Hobby Lobby is my version of Heaven.  I went there to buy some fabric and as I turn the corner, I see rows and rows of Christmas ornaments!  Now Christmas just happens to be my favorite time of year, but COME ON.  It is REALLY hard to think about such a fun - decorate your house - delicious food - and cold snowy weather kind of holiday when "I'm baking like a toasted cheese-it" (Ham Porter - Sandlot).  It has been on average about 105 degrees here...EVERY DAY.  One day in my car, it said 111. When it's this hot, you just try not to move...but for those that would like to go somewhere else...a time when there was a slight chill in the air, here is a photo to help you....

3.  Christian's generation could very well not know what a telephone looks like.  Yes, they will know what cell phones look like and maybe even the hand held home phones, but I'm talking about the ones we used to see at g-ma's house..rotary phones.  The only reason I'm bringing this up is because Matt and I volunteered in the toddler class at church on Sunday and there was a toy phone there. I really wasn't thinking much of it, but Matt pointed out how these phones will be unrecognizable to Christian's generation. I just felt kind of old.   

4.  I have an extreme fascination with ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.  When I was on maternity leave, I watch all the seasons of Heroes and I loved it.  I was so upset that it was not renewed for another season leaving the show unfinished.  I've always been into X-Men and wondered if I were to have an extraordinary ability what would it be...I still haven't decided.  So, I saw that the Sy-Fy channel was coming out with a a show called "Alphas."  We sat down and watched the pilot and so far so good.  The "abilities" aren't as far fetched and it shows a downside to them as well.  It's a mix of Heroes and CSI...kinda :)

So, what would your superhero ability be?


thisdudepaul said...

I'm not trying to tell you how to raise a baby, because I have no personal experience at ALL, but I read an article on Yahoo that suggests using the word "No" less frequently as kids will grow numb to it if they hear it too often. Instead, they suggested you ask the baby/child what you would like them to do instead.
Also you're point on 'things babies born in the 2000s will never know' was fun. Because they'll never know the awesomeness of slap-bracelets, dial up modems, paper back dictionaries, CDs, etc.

OKC Cristal said...

When it comes to what superpower i'd like to have, i have narrowed it down to 3 (order of my favorite):

3. Flying - but i want to be superfast, even faster than a plane, so i can go to Korea when i want... stop by Tulsa in a blink... you know what i mean :) I like the thought of living anywhere I want and not have to worry about the commute :D

2. Invisibility - therefore, i REALLY wouldn't care how i looked, i can be as fat as i want, i could bum out to the max, in fact, i could be naked and NO ONE would know. I could watch movies for free, sneak into the White House or any high security place and know the inside scoop, oh the possibilites.

1. Reading people's minds - curious what's going on in random people's minds would be so much fun. I love people-watching, now i can add to that experience, "people-listening" :) HOWEVER, i'd like to be able to turn this power on and off. Sometimes, i'd just like to be silent with my own thoughts :)

Able to hear people's thoughts -

Sammi said...

Oh I definitely agree, invisibility would be great : ) Not so much abut people's thoughts... I have too many of my OWN!

cssolomon said...

@ thisdudepaul - I understand what you're saying and when my son gets older I can see how that will work, but as of now my kiddo doesn't say words, so "no" works, but thanks for any added advice.

@ OKC Cristal - I also like flying and invisibility, but on the show Alphas one of the girls has the power of persuasion, so all she has to do is look in your eyes ans say exactly what she wants you to do. I almost think that would be too dangerous. I would be like, "You will give me all your money" "You will let me board first class to Korea" "you will let me stay in this really expensive hotel" LOL :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh boy, my 2 yr. old is the same way. he's 2 and barely talking. he knows some words, but not enough to build a sentence. he messes with my mind a lot because he can fully understand me and at times he'll repeat what i say if i ask him to say it again he'll just laugh his little butt off, ha. little kids sure do the darnest things!

oh man my little man loves my phone. he knows how to unlock my phone and he'll start pressing buttons and pretending to call someone. lol kids amaze me at times with how they can fully figure out things themselves.

OKC Cristal said...

ooh... the power of persuasion sounds pretty good on paper... but, i think the more i use this power, the more people will know that i possess this power... and then, people may stop looking in my eyes in fear that I will persuade them to do something against my will... and in the end, live in solidarity.

what if people, even friends started to question sincerity of those around me.. was it their free will to love me, be my friend, or did I "persuade" them at one point...

haha, did i think too deep about this power? LOL

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