Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Recap - Ollies Restaurant / Train Museum

The weekend was uneventful, but I thought I would tell you about Ollies.  It's a restaurant in West Tulsa...probably the only restaurant in that area now.  That part of town appears to be deserted.  Matt took me here a couple of years ago and I thought it was so cute.  Now that we have Christian, all the trains come in quite handy...it gives him a temporary visual distraction :) When we do go, we go for the Saturday morning breakfast buffet...or what I like to call buffets...troughs :)  Anytime I eat at any buffet, my hopes for the rest of the day are shot.  I mean seriously, when you choose to eat at a buffet, you've already decided you're going to over eat.  Am I right? If you disagree, I call you a liar!  ;) 

The trains continuously go round and round :)

Christian staring in awe at the trains go by

Took a break from train staring to mess with dad
More trains...
Christian watching cars go by...he LOVES cars.  He plays mostly with hotwheels and he makes his own car sound as he
pushes them around the house :)

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Dirt On The Rocks said...

AHHH SUCH A CUTIE PIE! :) the restaurant is love my son would totally enjoy seeing all those trains everywhere!

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