Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do Ya Know, HE CAN WALK

So, Christian has fought walking every "step" of the way.  He  has been crawling since he was 8 months old and I would bet money on him in any baby crawling race.  Do they have those?  Anyways, so when we try to practice walking, he will just lift his legs up off the floor and go all noodle leg on us.  For about 2 months now he's been consistantly walking around while holding onto furniture, for about a month he's been standing solo without assistance, and for about 2 weeks he's been taking 1-3 steps on his own, but nothing I would call serious walking.  In one week, he will be 14 months old.  I began feeling a bit anxious about just how long my child would prolong this milestone.  I know, I know, I have heard it a million times, "Once he starts walking, you'll regret wishing he could" but I also get the question, "He isn't walking yet?"  Apart of me feels he'll walk when he walks, but secretly I'm impatiently waiting to witness his first steps. 

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered in our church's nursery class.  Christian was by far the BIGGEST crawler!  At one point this little 8 month old girl just walks right by him all Frankenstein-esque and I had to laugh.  She looked down at him and I swear she was probably thinking, "Does his legs not work?"

So tonight, he took the most amount of steps in a row without falling down!   The song he is walking to in the video is called, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." Why was that the song my husband decides to pull up??  I don't know, but it got him haulin' baby booty.  I'm just happy I got some video of it!~

Fun Fact:  Matt and I both took our first steps at 14 months.


yippie momma said...

LOL...I have to try the iphone trick. My son is 14 mos and still doing noodle legs or river dance legs as we call it here.
my daughter didn't walk until 16 mos...guess he won't either...I LOVE walking...hate crawling.

Tricia said...

Look at him go!

Valerie said...

FYI -- Henry was a 15-month-er. That boy had no desire whatsoever. It was great! :)

AmyLee said...

woohoo go christian! parker is STILL not walking. i'm over worrying about it... :-/

Insightful Mommy said...

Enjoyed your blog -

So cute - just shows they walk when they are good and ready!

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Many thanks!

Bizee Mama said...

What a cutie! Congrats on his walking! Now no stopping the little guy!
Stopped by thanks to Bloggy Moms!
Stop by and say Hi! :]
aka Bizee Mama

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