Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Recap - My (Sick) Birthday Boy Turned 1.

This picture should sum up how kiddo felt on his first birthday :(

The day before, daycare called and said he was running a slight fever, so I kind of knew what was to come for the weekend.  Poor kid slept through most of his birthday party.  Come to find out on Monday when I took him to the pediatrician he had a double ear infection :(  This is the 2nd time and it seems to be when new teeth are coming through. 

A friend of the family, Billie, was awesome enough to make these for us :)  The theme I chose was "Boy will be Boys."  So anything that reminded me of little boys, such as monsters, aliens, spaceships, dinosaurs, cars, get the idea. 
The perks of having an art teacher for a husband...unlimited supply of black (and white) butcher paper.  I made the sign with my trusty cricut machine and the "boys will be boys" cartridge.  The center pieces for the tables were just his own toys and  I hung up pictures of him throughout this past year on the trees...I thought it was fun :)  

Eventually we had to move everything inside because it was getting hotter than expected for that day.  

When my mom helps with cooking, she always makes enough for a small army...regardless if there are 20 people or 2. Needless to say, to go boxes were passed out.  You will probably see kimbap (top left corner) in a lot of my social gatherings.  It's one of my favorites - its bite size and I don't need utensils, it's a win/win.  See the salsa on the bottom left?  It is DELICIOUS.  If you would like the recipe, let me know.  Nothing beats homemade salsa my friends...and there is my hot husband slaving away over the grill.  That is the time my mom and him "bond."

So then came the moment all parents look forward to at their kids first birthday party, the TEARING INTO THE CAKE moment.  With him being under the weather, I wasn't sure what to expect, but if he is anything like me, sick or not, IT'S CAKE.  Well, he first picked at it with a disgusted look on his face...then once he tasted it, he was like, "Oh not bad. " Then I think with all eyes on him and his momma snapping away with the camera, he began to get fussy.  Oh yeah, we couldn't find the big #1 candle I bought either. We finally found it after the party was winding down in his bedroom.  How it ended up there, I have no clue.  I blame it on anyone under 4 feet tall. 

Happy birthday Christian!  You're the best decision I ever made.  Being your mom has been the biggest reward I could ask for.  You have taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of handling.  Your smiles and hugs immediately cheer me life will never be the same. This birthday party was to celebrate you turning the big 0-1, but it was also to celebrate your dad and I making it through our first year with minimal injuries :)  We love you so so much and will always be there for you. 


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AmyLee said...

ah man! so sorry to hear he wasn't 100% on his big day. the pictures look like it was a blast anyways! and that cake is amazing! happy birthday little man :)

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