Friday, May 20, 2011

I Love This Kid - This Weeks Random Moments

Christians Favorites List:

Food: Almost anything edible, but mostly mac n' cheese, chicken, rice with seaweed or anything Grandma whips together. He claps if its really good...just like momma, lol

Fruit: Watermelon and Oranges

Song: The theme song to The Big Bang Theory, Patty Cake

Animals:  He LOVES dogs.  He gets so excited he'll start kicking his legs if he sees one.

Activity:  He LOVES to be chased and to chase others.  When he is crawling, I'll start crawling after him.  He will crawl as fast as he can while laughing hysterically.  Most times he will fall over from laughter.  Then I will pretend he's chasing me.  It's the best :)  He also loves watching Yoko catch Frisbees. 

Christian's Not so Favorites List:

He does not like to have his diaper changed.  You would think I am pinning down a mental patient!  He just doesn't like taking a break from playing.  I have had to call backup on many occasions (aka daddio).

He does not like it when I take something he wants out of his hand.  It seriously turns into an Oscar winning performance...on his knees, arms and hands spread in front him him, crocodile's good stuff folks. 

He does not like to get tired.  When he starts to get sleepy, he will start rubbing his eyes, but then he will start shaking his head from side to side....he's been doing this since he was an infant.  He will then start "talking" very loud.  He's persistent, I'll give him that. 


Sammi said...

Thank you for sharing these precious things about him : )

AmyLee said...

oh parker HATES diaper changes too. he scuh-REAMS. i am so jealous of your good eater!! what a good boy :)

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