Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Had a Veggie Burger and I Liked It

So, for Christians birthday, I bought some veggie patties for my sister in law (SIL) and her kids.  They've been vegetarians for many years and I just wanted to make sure everyone had enough to eat...even the vegetarians :)  From the pictures in my last blog, you can see there definitely was enough MEAT.  Well, with Matt and I going 90 to nothing, we completely forgot about the veggie patties in the freezer!  Therefore, my vegetarian in laws went without a burger substitute. 

Last night, I pulled out the veggie patties and noticed that for each patty it was only 120 calories for the spicy black bean patty and 130 calories for the regular patty.  With me being on my weight loss journey to 30 I thought if these taste good, I would definitely make a meat substitution to cut the 'ol caloric intake on burger nights.  First I examined the spicy black bean patty...I noticed beans, corn, tomato...hmmm, at least it all looked familiar, but will it taste good??  So, I tossed it in the microwave for a minute and a half.   I took a small bite and to my surprise I loved it!  It tasted so good and held a lot of flavor. 
Well, after trying the black bean patty, I HAD to try the original patty.  Not AS flavorful, but still very good.  So, this has spirred my interest enough to try more of the Morningstar line of vegetarian products. 

Now do not be mistaken, I still love regular 'ol meat, but if I can find a less fattening and healthier all around substitute AND it tastes good, then it's a win / win for me.  It's good to venture out of your food comfort zone on occasion and see what else might taste good to you.  I still have to be careful...if it tastes TOO good I could get myself in my SIL says, "It's easy to be a fat vegetarian."


H2 said...

I heard JennyO Turkey burgers are delish! They are always advertised on the Biggest Loser. I've been meaning to try those.

So when you say it's delish... does it taste like meat? or just a delish non meat taste?

cssolomon said...

I have had the Jenny-O burgers...they are ok...not much flavor, but I never seasoned it. The veggie patties don't taste like meat...when you bite down it has almost the same consistency as a patty from mcd's. I don't know how to describe it, it's good, but doesn't make me think of beef, similar texture, but in my opinion it was more flavorful than a turkey burger...shockingly. I have used the turkey meat for this rice dish I make and it's good that way...when you mix it with seasonings and veggies. You should try both and report back to me...give me H2's opinion :)

AmyLee said...

yes! i've had them before & they're NOT bad. don't get me wrong, a juicy burger can't be beat... but this is a more in-between those juicy burger option, right? yum.

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