Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Family Photos Scheduled and Weight Loss Goal 1/2 Way Mark Reached!

I like my titles to tell you exactly what you're about to read :)

I have officially scheduled our first family photos for the first week in June!  I wanted it to be as close to his 1 year as I could get it.  I love love love photography, so finding the perfect photographer was going to take some searching.  After doing a google search, I was shocked to see just how many local photographers there were.  I went through almost all of them, but none grabbed my attention...I like a very informal look, nothing too posed or old school...you know, when they place your hand on someones shoulder and tilt her head slightly to the side?  Yeah, none of that.  Finally, I came across Artsy Phartsy Photography!  Don't you love the name?  I spent a good 45 minutes checking out her photo's and decided to book! So what does this milestone in our family mean?  I have a few more weeks to shed some more weight, which brings me to another update on my WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY TO 30.

Me 15 lbs lighter :) 15 more to go!

As of this past weekend, I have officially made it to my 1/2 way mark - 15 lbs.  It's been nice fitting into all my pre-baby clothes...they even fit a little looser!  Heeeeey! :)  I would like to lose 5-6 more lbs before picture time, so I've got to buckle down.  As of last week, this is what I've been roughly doing...

Monday - 2 mile run.  I HATE Mondays, so getting on the treadmill is an accomplishment in itself, but I know once I get past Monday, I am pretty motivated through the rest of the week.  Sorry if I sound like Garfield the Cat.

Tuesday - 3 - 4 miles

Wednesday - 1hr Zumba

Thursday - 5 miles

I need to start throwing in some strength training somewhere.  I do have the P90X dvd's, but good Lord those are hard!  I'll take any workout tips :)  Any encouragement would be appreciated as well :)   Here, I'll start you off... "Go Cristal!  You are so freakin' awesome, you've got this in the bag!" 


Tricia said...

"Go Cristal! You are so freakin' awesome, you've got this in the bag!"


No, really, that is awesome! I can't believe how much you are working out! I can never seem to get motivated to do any of it. Especially, now that I'm preggers. All I want to do is lay around. Keep up the good work! I know you can do it!

cssolomon said...

LOL - as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I took a 9+ month vacation from my treadmill. it's the only time in your life you don't feel so bad for indulging more often than not :)

H2 said...

So, i checked out the Artsy Phartsy website and I already cannot cannot wait to see your photos!
Your family is already freakin' good looking, the great professional photo quality is just going to enhance you guys!!!

[[[[ you know i'll expecting to get a copy of whatever you like the best :) ]]]]

I'm root-tooting for you in OKC!!! and totally inspired by you! love you, sista-friend.

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Way to go! I have to say, the strength training is what makes a huge difference for me. I get much more tone, look better, feel better, and I honestly feel like I can eat more because I have more muscle so I am burning more calories. I have a pretty great full body weight routine I do 2-3 times a week.... It's challenging, also relaxing, and I enjoy it. You shoudl do it!!!


A Big Group of Folks said...

Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga. I lost eight pounds in one week of doing yoga every day. It is seriously THE best work out I have EVER had. And I have tried almost everything that exists out there. :)

cssolomon said...

I like yoga - it's one of the dvd's in the P90X and it was tough. Maybe I'll pop it in this weekend. Thanks everyone! :)

Desperate Housemommy said...

You look wonderful! Bring on the family pics! :)

AmyLee said...

wow!! that is an amazing weightloss!! you must feel great :) or at least, you should!

parker isn't walking yet & i'm not even sure if he's close. he's taken a couple steps on his own but didn't even notice & still doesn't even seem to have walking on his radar. ah well :)

Maryann's Mama Tales said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I went through your blog last week and I was inspired to start running, well jog/walking. It's been a week now and I do feel better. I still feel like I'm coughing up a lung with only 1/2 a lap but I like how it feels. "Go Crystal"!

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