Friday, April 29, 2011

Photoshop - It gets easier right?

So, I've had photoshop for awhile now, but having a family and a full time job...well the time just isn't there to really get my learn on.  If you don't have photoshop, it's not as user friendly as you would hope.   It's so freegin' pricey, but once you start understanding what all you are able to do, it really is worth the money.  I've tried to watch youtube tutorials (b/c it's free) and any other tidbits I might find online.  So, here is my first try at enhancing a photo. 

If you all have any other helpful tips, I would REALLY appreciate it. 


Raegun said...

What a gorgeous little guy! I've tried learning PS a few times, but just find myself getting frustrated with the online tutorials.

Miranda said...

The trick is to understanding how to use layers and blending. I also highly recommend this book:
I use it and it's great ( I have adobe CS2, though if you have a later version I recommend any of his books).

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