Thursday, April 14, 2011

Locker Room Incident - Run in with a Naked Woman

Look, I have never been the type that judges others for being self confident, especially about their body.  I wish I had more confidence in my own physique!  If you have a favorite body part and you're proud of it, flaunt it till it hurts I say...I prefer you not look like a floozy while doing so, but whatever makes you get up in the morning.

Wednesdays are my zumba nights, which I must mention that 3 boys have bravely joined the class.  From how they talk, I assume they are in high school.  At first, I thought they were there to be funny, but it's been a good month now and they've been coming consistently.  The class was fun before, but they give some added comic relief.  They always scream "Woooooh!" to get all the ladies pumped up and they always show up to class wearing unconventional work out attire.  For example, last night one of the boys wore a sweater shirt underneath...wearing it like a tank top AND it was tucked into his shorts, LOL - I'm literally laughing right now thinking about it.  It's pretty impressive when you can sweat through a sweater. 

Okay, back to my run in with the naked lady...

After class, I went downstairs to use the RR before I left.  What is the first image thine eyes must gaze upon as I enter the locker room?  A fully naked woman.  It doesn't matter how many times it happens, I don't think I will EVER get used to seeing a strangers bare bottom...AMONG OTHER THINGS (those "other things" are what initially jar me).  Let me mention a couple things about this unconcealed woman. 

1.  She was talking to her friend this way!  When I say naked, I mean STARK NAKED, no towel, no nothin'. Look, if we're friends, please don't ever think it is okay to have a conversation with me in the nude.  I will politely ask you to stop talking and put something on.   

2. From what my eyes were forced to take in before I made a sharp right turn, she had a...lets just say a mature womans body with rather large perky new parts - 2 to be exact.  Do you smell what I'm cookin' here?   

I make a right turn to avoid walking in between her and her friend, but as I turn the corner to the RR there she was!  I guess when you're in the buff, it's easier to manuveur like a ninja.  We end up bumping shoulders and her parts start swinging.  UGH - she looked at me like I rudely ran into her.  At this point, my face is distorted and I'm super frazzled, so I quickly apologized and ran into a stall. 

I've noticed the women confident enough to be walking around all nekkid are usually the older breed.  When you're younger, regardless of how fit you are, you are insecure about Something on your body and so self involved you think others will notice this so-called imperfection and judge you.  I think the hope is the older we get, the less we care what others think...these mature secure women say, "Peace Out!" to their towels and say, "If you don't like what you see, don't look."  Don't get me wrong, I might have been uncomfortable, but I say Hat's Off! (and shirt, pants, and underwear) to these women.  I hope one day I'm so comfortable in my own skin I can strut my stuff all over the womens locker probably won't happen, but cheers to hopin'.  :)

What's life without awkward moments? Embrace them, they make for better stories. 


Valerie said...

You should have heard me laugh out loud at this one. A lot.

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I'm all about confidence... but you don't have to make everyone else feel awkward. ha. Yeah I'm anti nakedness in locker rooms. It's a little much. underwear, no big deal.


Life by Cynthia said...

I'm not comfortable with nakedness, not sure why - just that I am. Ok, admittedly it's been ages since I've been to the gym - but I have had to avert my eyes several times from naked women. My hats off too to those who can strut their stuff - just let me cover my eyes first.

P.S. I love your posts & publicly addressed this in my blog by giving you the Versatile Blogger Award


Clare said...

Ooh girl, this has happened to me at the pool locker rooms, and nothing prepares you for it! Awk. Ward. To say the least!
The only nekkid peeps I'm okay with are the ones I gave birth to, and the one I married. Other than that? Keep it to yourself!

Anonymous said...

My middle school and high school both required students to shower after each gym class. So after years of showering in the nude in a group-shower-room full of other females, locker room nudity doesn't faze me.

I take an aerobics class two nights a week, and whereas I never approach other women in the locker room after class without having something on, there have been many occasions when other women from the class have approached me while either they or I was naked after having showered, and it's not awkward at all. Were all female with the same parts, there's nothing to be uncomfortable about.


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