Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Fartin' Around - 3 year anniversary recap

We took the day off and just farted around town. 
We dropped kiddo off at daycare and had some breakfast. 
We drove to NSU, so I could buy a new NSU shirt, but I had a hard time paying $25 for a basic t-shirt, so I ended up getting a coozy. 
We stopped by the Korean grocery store to pick up a few household essentials...thats when I noticed the Korean SPAM
We ate some Korean food for lunch. You know when you taste something delicious and your eyes roll into the back of your head? Ooooooh Yeeeeah
Then we went to was kind of sad to see the store so empty.  They were selling everything right down to the furniture and book shelves.  I bought a book about Photoshop and comedic book by Mike Birbiglia.  HE IS HILARIOUS!
We perused the mall  afterwards and that is when I found out the candy store was temporarily closed down!  So, I ended up getting a jalepeno soft pretzel - Mmmmm....

Nothing to write a book about, but it was beautiful day, I had good food in my belly, and my hubs to hang out with.  Life is pretty good.


Anonymous said...

What no mention of my super cool book that I found “THE SCIENCE OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?”
Matt :)

cssolomon said...

LOL - I'm sorry, that somehow slipped my mind.

Hella Han said...

"just fartin' around" never sounded so much fun!
good food and with the one you love? you can't really ask for a better day :D

For you: Happy 3 year anniversary!
For me: Happy I've been jealous of the Solomon couple for 3 year anniversary

LOL love you!

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