Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Son & his Butt Paste

For whatever reason, my son has been oddly attached to his tube of butt paste.  For the past 3 days he seeks it out if I've left it on the floor or on the changing table and then holds onto it.  At first I thought maybe he was trying to tell me something..."mom my butt itches...why don't you do something about that"  so I checked his bottom, but rash free...he just likes his tube of butt paste!
Let me clarify, he likes both brands - Butt Paste Diaper Rash Creme and Desitin Diaper Creme.  Today the Desitin won.  He literally will hold on to it while using only one hand to play with his toys. 

I pray this does not become a weird "security blanket"  How odd would that look if my kid just carried around butt paste wherever he went.  *sigh*


Lorieann said...

Just wait till he figures out how to open it and starts finger painting with it.

Sue said...

Oh, I miss the smell of Desitin. Not the diapers that go with it; Just the Desitin.

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