Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Moto-Photo Weekend ~ Flea Market & Whole Foods

I realize that it is Tuesday and typical weekend summaries are done on Mondays, but my child woke up Monday morning a different baby...he woke up as what I would assume to be his alter ego. The mother of Dr. Jekyll just met Mr. Hyde.  He somehow developed new almost terrible two's behavior sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning - tantrums, crying hysterically when I took something away, refusal to eat...and I am praying to God that this is due to teething and not a foreshadowing of my near future.  You know that feeling you get when someone has done something shockingly foul to you and the first thing you say is, "Oh no you didn't!"  with that extra bit of sass? 

Once again, I digress...here is my Moto Photo weekend...

Our first plan free Saturday, we decided to check out the flea market.  On a list of top 5 favorite activies my husband enjoys, going to the flea market would be on that list.  I don't collect anything, so when I go it is purely for my husbands sake.  Lets just say we will eventually have to purchase a bigger house to accomodate for his second hand treasures if that gives you a clue how deep his love for collectibles goes.  I took advantage of the moment and took a few shots of some  in's and oddities.  It's actually a pretty nice flea market.   I don't know how many flea markets provide a live band for their patrons. 

 Christian took to the live music and people rather well.  He always just stares at everyone with his mouth open. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye.  My Buddy - wherever I go, heeeee goes...my buddy, my buddy, Battery powered bartender - great toy for all children, "The Ideal" Bed & Douche Slipper - uhhhhh...., and a Armadillo purse - fierce and fashionable - I think it really makes a statement

Sunday, we took a trip Whole Foods.  If I could buy all my groceries at Whole Foods, well I would be broke.  If you ever want a nice cut of meat or bigger selection of fruits and vegetables...or granola, vegan, gluten-free or other hippie lovin' foods, it's the place to go.

Don't you love how clueless he looks in the first picture? In the third photo he is reaching for some whey protein powder...trying to bulk up for the laaaaay-deeees.  We let him touch all the fruits and vegetables...the cantaloupe freaked him out and he almost started crying, all the rest he tried to take a bite out of so we had to stop handing him fruit. 

I don't know why I buy him graphic t-shirts because he always has a bib on (due to his excessive drooling). He's wearing a Bruce Lee t-shirt and some converse...let's just say all the hippie ladies loved him.  One lady even said, "Oh, you want to come home with me cutie." That always creeps me out, so I smiled and walked away slowly.

So I have this addiction to Chip'ins.  I first came across them at Walgreens and recently have seen them at Wal-Mart.  It is basically compressed popcorn.  The calorie and fat is far less than regular potato chips, but when you eat the whole bag in one sitting it really doesn't mean much does it?  Anyways...moving along before I think about how sad that moment was when I looked down and to my suprise they were all gone - yes me...all me.

By the time we got home, he was all tuckered out. 

"Moto-Photo" - Photo's taken on my MOTOrola Droid 2 :) just fyi.  

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A Big Group of Folks said...

HAHA. Thanks for writing this post friend. I have been having a "up coming deployment sadness" kind of day and this made me laugh. :)

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