Wednesday, March 23, 2011

May I have a little cheese with that Wine?

I'm not much of a drinker...whether I'm drinking or not, I end up in the same bed asleep.  Just with liquor, I get there quicker.   I also married a man that has never tasted a drop of alcohol his entire life, so drinking alone feels a bit pathetic after know?  Like I'm a raging alcoholic, I don't care if the company I keep is drinking or not, I'm going to drink!  Although, a glass of wine every now and then does take the edge off a stressful day. One of my favorite things to do is peruse the wine aisles and find one I might want to try.  If nothing catches my eye, I'll grab ol' faithful - Martini & Rossi Asti.  It's everything a girly girl would like in a sparkling wine - light, bubbly, and sweet.  I'll have to give a shout out to my friend Casey since this was our cheap wine of choice when we were roommates...what??  Don't Judge~  Well, it wasn't THAT cheap...about $15...we could have done some $4.99 Reunites wine, LOL. 

I ventured down the aisle titled "Wines Made Locally."  I was unaware just how many winery's we actually had.  Honestly, the wines that catch my eye the most are the ones with the cutest/funniest labels.  So, for me I do judge some books by their cover, but this particular one had my brothers name on it and it won a red wine award, so I snagged it.  StableRidge Vineyards - Jeremiah's Red.   I loved it! It was light and not too sweet.  I by no means have a refined pallet or a vast knowledge of all things WINE.  I just tell ya what I like :) 

Now to solidify my mother of the year award, I'm going to post a few March photo's of my kid in this blog about liquor. Don't worry, I don't take him out like this, we were in our backyard :)


Anonymous said...

you crack me up! I like to try new wines also, I am a bit of a wino...tehe Try a moscato, its a sweet white... and malbec is a nice red. thats what I have found that I like lately. Walmart here sells a Brand by the name "Mad Housewife" very cute lable and "Little Black Dress" I think I have said this before, but we could have so much fun if we lived closer! Love you! ASHLEY WOODELL

Valerie said...

This made me laugh. I'm not much of a drinker -- maybe a glass or two a year, haha - but I do have a newfound love for the ol' margarita. On the rocks. With salt, please. And only in the summertime. :)

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