Saturday, March 5, 2011

D-Day...Delivery Day that is

Last weekend, some friends and I threw our friend Casey a baby shower.  Her and her husband have 2 boys and this will make their first girl.   Like most first time pregancies, Casey is getting anxious about D-Day...Delivery day that is and she has every right to be!  It's the most unpredictable experience known to (WO)man.  You can talk to 100 women and every one will have a different story to tell you.  For instance, our friend Jill had an easy breezy bang boom 3 pushes and it was over.  My friend from work had THE WORST labor experience I had ever heard.  Everything from delivering almost a month early, being in labor for days, and then having to feel everything due to the epidural wearing off.  She is still a little bitter and it's been 3 years if that tells you anything.  It doesn't matter how many stories you hear, your story will be completely different.  It all depends on you and your baby.  The only advice I can give her for that day is to try to take it all in because before you know it, it's over.  I felt like the whole experience went by so quickly...I didn't want to leave the hospital.  I just wanted to pack up all the super awesome nurses and take them home with me.  I'm so excited for Casey to experience all that is motherhood from the absolute very beginning.  The funny thing is I was scared about D-day my whole pregnancy, but that morning when my water broke a calm came over me and I was just ready...ready to meet my son (omg, I'm about to get emotional).  Take a breath!

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A Big Group of Folks said...

It is seriously scary every single time!

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