Monday, February 14, 2011

Scheduled Romance is Dumb - Me and Valentines Day

So, I've never been a big fan of this holiday...even now that I am married and I will have a Valentine every year, I'm still not pro V-day.  I understand it's to celebrate LOOOOOVE, but why do some people (and I mean ladies, since I've never seen a man go absolutely bananas forValentines Day) spaz out on Feb 14?? 

I think my pessimism for this "holiday" began in college when I worked in the jewelry department @ 'ol Wal-Fart.  Men would come in frantically shopping for their ladies the day before and EVEN the day of hoping to find something special they could quickly wrap and present with love.  I'm sorry, but if you spent all of 10 minutes picking it out, then it's probably not THAT special. Oh and the floral area was right by the jewelry department and the only flowers left on those days are half wilted roses and carnations, but they still attempted to pick out the best bouquet in the bunch...always entertaining to watch.  I remember once a man approached me at the jewelry counter and said, "Just pick something out for me that you would like and ring it up."  Really?  From that moment on, I just felt like, "What is the point of this holiday?" I would say 50% of these "heart felt" gifts were returned the very next day...some women saying, "I don't know why he thought I would like this..."  BECAUSE HE WASN'T THINKING - Your gift was given to you out of pure fear.  It's just more money and time wasted. 

I know I sound like a Debbie Downer, but I just don't get it.  Every restaurant in America is packed and if you didn't plan ahead, don't expect to be eating out.  You spend more money that (most likely) you don't have because you're still trying to pay off your Christmas debt.  Don't get me wrong, I don't completely disregard this holiday and I do expect 1 thing - Chinese takeout.  That has been our Valentines Day tradition and it is stress free. I also will tell people, "Happy Valentines Day," so don't think I'm walking around with an "Anti Valentines Day" shirt on. 

I think it is far more romantic to buy a gift or go out to a nice quiet dinner on a random day rather than the day it's expected of me because it's on my calendar. 

Ladies, you know who you are...the ones that take Valentines day WAY TOO seriously - RELAX.  It is just another day, take it easy.  If you have a man that plans for weeks to make this day super special for you, I genuinely think that is great...but it's just not for me.

Don't worry, I won't force my Valentines Day beliefs on my kid :) When he's old enough, I'll do all the glittered hearts and candy I can possibly do.  Hey, one day he might be dating a girl that is CRAZY about Valentines Day...I should prepare him a little. 

...and just to clarify I love LOVE, I don't love Valentines Day.



Raegun said...

Ha ha - I can totally relate to the Walmart story. I worked in retail during high school and had to laugh under my breath at some of the 'sexy' last minute gifts I saw. I don't like the v-day hype either, but my husband and I still have a nice dinner together and leave each other little notes/poems. Cheesy....but I'm a sucker for the romance.

cssolomon said...

Lol, that is sweet you, I just don't like all the hype :)

Valerie said...

Amen, amen, and AMEN! Doug and I feel the exact same way. We've decided it stems from our years of being nerds and never having any Valentine's and pretty much loathing the holiday as a whole. :)

A Big Group of Folks said...

Um, I COMPLETELY disagree. It is NOT just "any other day" WOMAN! It is the day that this insane human being gave birth to a LITTER of children. I'm just sayin'. I would say that is QUITE the day, if you ask me! HAHAHAHAHA! And wow, I have a lot of capital letters. It's because you can't do italics in the comment portions... sigh... it is what it is. :) LOL

AmyLee said...

i totally agree!! i am super annoyed by the girls that have super high expectations & expect the world on this silly holiday. it should be a fun little excuse to do something small & special, but not be christmas all over again.

amy said...

love this cristal. i've never had much of an opinion about the holiday but knew that it was silly. i can totally understand why you feel that way after reading this! :)

and thanks for your comments on my blog! i love it.

Life by Cynthia said...

After reading this post, I had follow! I'm an anti-Vday girl myself. Your post made me smile. I wrote about my thoughts on this day also, how funny. My thoughts on Valentine's Day I am excited to read more of your blogs. Cynthia

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