Saturday, February 12, 2011

House Arrest, It's Tough Being Locked Up

You would think being trapped in my house for almost 2 weeks I would have had time to do a little blogging, but surprisingly I did not. There are many names for what happened to us here in the midwest... Blizzard 2011! Snowmagedon, Snowpocalypse, etc...The past 2 weeks made me realize I am not cut out for severe weather and I have much respect for people that deal with this amount of snow, ice, and sleet every winter.  Tell me, while I had all this time inside my house, how did it get so dirty?  A blizzard might have hit the midwest, but a tornado hit the inside of my humble abode.  Ooooh wait, I have a kid now...when will my house be clean for longer than 10 minutes? NEVER. There are a few things my kiddo picked up on in month 8 of his life.  Crawling, chuckin' things across the room, and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING - coffee table, crib, bouncy, my leg, my shoulder, our dog Yoko, the couch...these are all things he did in month 7, he's just doing them at ninja speeds now.

Lets disect the picture above, shall we?  To the left, a couch piled with laundry that needs to be folded...see the pillows and couch cushions maticulously positioned around the living room?  That is how a first time dad tries to protect his toys and electronics.  Battlestar Galactica playing on the TV.  This is my living room 98% of the time. 

As much as being indoors for such a lengthy period of time left me feeling paralyzed, I'm glad it was with my men.  Sometimes being a working mom leaves me feeling a little guilty...I don't want to miss anything, so when I do get these opportunities to spend time with my husband and son, I value all of it.  

A couple shots of the blizzard outside our window

Our backyard

Icicles outside our window

Update on my Weight Loss Journey to 30:  The extreme weather also made me realize when stuck indoors, I have very  little self control.  The first week, I managed to eat my weight in popcorn and basically anything else snackable in the kitchen.  We were running so low on food at one point I even resorted to eating Ramen noodles (which is REALLY high in sodium).  So you can imagine, after a week of eating 1000 x's over my salt intake I WAS SEVERELY BLOATED.  I looked in the mirror and I had flashbacks of pregnancy that's how bloated I was!  So when I knew we were going to be stranded in our house for another week, I changed it up.  I had to, I was getting muffin top in my jeans!  I ran almost 9 miles during the week, cut out most salt, and limited my portions to just one bowl sized helping.  I must say it helped!  My jeans fit again and I lost 3 more lbs :)   Now that our blizzard is (hopefully) over, it's time to get back on track @ the gym.  ZUMBA and SPIN, I'll see you this week :)

This is my attempt at a cool picture You spend 2
 weeks  trapped  in your house and see what you
 will  photograph!  Believe me, it could
 have been A LOT worse.

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Raegun said...

Great photos! I'm happy to hear you survived the blizzard, even if the home and diet are a little worse for wear. Before you know it, those barricades will be re-purposed as "forts" for your son. :)

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