Thursday, February 24, 2011

After 10 years, It's time to go our seperate ways...

I never thought switching cell phone carriers would send me into a little panic attack.  Recently, I made the decision to switch from AT&T to Verizon.  Now before you all lash out with your opinions on which company REIGNS SUPREME and how I've potentially made the worst choice EVER, keep in mind this was just a personal choice.  I've had some issues with ATT's customer service and iphone issues and well...I work for the big V, so why not take advantage of a company I right people?  I genuinely felt like I was was breaking up with someone...not a multi-billion dollar corporation.  I was actually pretty calm, cool, and collected until I was transferred to a "special" line JUST for potential service concellations.  Eeeeeeek!  My heart began to race just a little faster...this was it..I was FINALLY making this official, permanent, carved in stone! Of course, they tried keeping me, but in the end my savings with Verizon exceeded any savings I would have received from ATT.  So, after 10 years of loyal business, I have decided to move on.  They did remind me that I have 59 days to reactivate my service, so we will see.  Oh and another change in plans...I did not get the iphone through Verizon.  I've had the iphone for about a year now and I'm not too crazy about it anymore...maybe because of the poor signal from ATT...maybe because everyone on God's green earth has one...I don't know, but I decided to go with the Droid.  I still have all my apps and with the Droid 2, I get a qwerty keyboard know with actual buttons? :)  I missed you keyboard!  Call me old school, but I like pushing buttons!  Judge me?!   I think not.

Since this is a breakup blog...lets go through all the phones I have used and tossed aside over the years...


I got this phone I think my freshman year in college...and to be completely honest with you, I'm not 100% sure this is it.  I just remember it was an Ericcson and it was black...and flip.  I remember being so excited I had my first cell phone.  Now kids experience that kind of excitement at the mature age of 7.

 This phone, though not the sleekest most fashionable phone was the most indestructable!!!  And it had snake....I miss snake....

Well, this was one of my favorite was small and cute...and it still had snake on it.  My favorite part of the phone was being able to put my name on the display screen under Nokia....back then it was the little things that made your cell phone cool.

The first LG (G4010) phone that I came across through Cingular back in 2002 I think...I liked this phone because I could download non-mono ringtones...first being a John Mayer song if I recall.  *sigh* I think it was "Your Body is a Wonderland" Once again, don't judge.

The Samsung E317 - also one of my more favorite phones...why?  Because when someone called, along with having a personalized ringtone, your face showed up on the front screen! :) A-Mazing.

Ah yes, the Motorola Pink Razor.  The Razor was the hottest thing that came out since....well I don't know, but don't you remember how people were dishing out $500 when they were brand new? 

This was my grownup fresh out of college phone.  I LOVED this phone - The Cingular 8125.  This is when I fell in love with a keyboard...I like my Droid keyboard, but this was the best keyboard EVER.  This was also the first time I had internet, email, the whole kitten kaboodle (such an odd saying...wonder where it comes from). 

Blackberry Curve - Nothing too special.  No complaints though.  The keyboard was nice too :) 


Not sure if you all have heard of this's called "THE IPHONE"
I really did like this phone, but CLEARLY I go through phones A LOT...more than I thought after compiling this list...I might have a problem. 

....and now we're @ I have a thing for cell phones...welcome to my long string of cell phones Droid 2 - don't be hurt when I discard you once I'm able to renew ;) Love'em and Leave'em LOL


A Big Group of Folks said...

My first phone was your number 2 phone. :) Ah...brings back memories! HA!

Lorieann said...

Great blog. I'm on my second cell phone company and had the same break-up anxiety. Had great service and support from T-Mobile, just didn't use it enough to warrant having a monthly plan. Now have AT&T pay-as-you-go. Happy with it so far.

"the whole kitten kaboodle (such an odd saying...wonder where it comes from)"

Here's one explanation ....

Valerie said...

Seriously girl, you crack me up with your blog posts. They are awesome.

Dang, you have had a ton of phones! I had #2 there, and what's sad is i don't remember the last phone I had before my current, the ol' Blackberry. Apparently we're up for free upgrades now, so Doug cashed in and got the same Droid you did (and loves it), but I am so old school and set in my ways, that I'm hanging on to my Berry for a bit longer. I'm so granny in not wanting to have to change, even though I know the Droid is way cooler than my Berry...

YoungSun said...

This blog made me think about all the phones I used... hmm...I don't remember most of it!

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