Friday, February 25, 2011

So I have this friend....

I ended up going to lunch / Target dash with a friend today...we will call her Gracie.  I've always liked the name Gracie, so that will be her secret identity name.  Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Gracie...she's a fighter.  She's gone through quite a bit of drama in recent months and due to her new circumstances she's held up better than most...better than me even though she would argue that.  The things that have happened to her are things you might witness being played out on certain outrageous talk shows or a reality show, but unfortunately reality is a bit brutal at the moment for her.  If you were to hear her story and had the chance to get to know Gracie, you would wonder how this could have happened to her.

Now, when I'm around Gracie I tend to out a little more you ever act different around different people?  I would say 90% of the time I rarely act this goofy...I could go as far as saying I act airheaded.  I've wondered why I act this way with her...and I think it comes down to balance.  If she seems blue or clearly has a lot on her mind, I act silly in hopes to get her mind off the things that have consumed her thoughts for many months.  She will randomly update me on her latest situation and most times the "90% me" comes out and I try to offer advice. 

I know she thinks everyone has labeled her dumb or weak for choosing to remain in her situation for as long as she has, but I don't think any of her Friends feel that way...and we can sit around all day and say if we were in the same situation we would be strong and handle it quickly with confidence, but who really knows how we would handle it??  My hopes for her is that is realizes her worth...I know that sounds very "Joy Luck Club" but it really is the best way to put it.  If she knew how much she was valuable she really was I think the situation would be a little different.  I genuinely do not think God makes love difficult...if it causes you more heartache than happiness what's the point, you know?  You have just one life...and that's it!  Fill it with people that you love and that love you back....and if by chance you come across someone that doesn't treat you as you should be treated, set that person aside, but don't set happiness aside.  Thats like people that say, "I don't go to church anymore because I've been burned by them before..." Really?  You don't stop eating because you had one bad meal do you?  Never put all your happiness in one person...happiness starts from within yourself.  I digress!

The funny thing is when I first met Gracie, I got the impression we would make good friends...we seemed similar.  Granted, I am known for having the worst first impressions of people.  All the people I am close to right now I thought to myself, "Yeah, I don't think we'll be friends" or "Whats up with them??"  Yes, I know that is bad, but hey it's the truth.  The more time I spent with Gracie, I realized there was more going on with her, but it certainly wasn't my place to pry.  It always seemed like she was wondering about something...but thats all I could this goofy personality came out in me to offset her seriousness and dry witt and that is where we are now. 

Anyways! So I have this friend....and I hope she knows that sometimes the hardest part is crossing that line and taking that first step, but just remember you control your happiness. You deserve it just as much as anyone else and the more you tell yourself that the more you'll start to embrace it.   It might not happen right away...there might be some crappy days, but everything good takes time.

I bet you thought I was going to blog about my lunch / Target dash didn't you? Ha!  In a nutshell, we made a quick round through Target where she bought one thing and I bought like 7 and then spend 10 minutes in the car deciding where to eat for lunch...which consisted of her making me sole decision maker, no take backs!  We ended up going to Sonic where I had the new Chicago dog (not bad by the way) and she had cheese tots. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

After 10 years, It's time to go our seperate ways...

I never thought switching cell phone carriers would send me into a little panic attack.  Recently, I made the decision to switch from AT&T to Verizon.  Now before you all lash out with your opinions on which company REIGNS SUPREME and how I've potentially made the worst choice EVER, keep in mind this was just a personal choice.  I've had some issues with ATT's customer service and iphone issues and well...I work for the big V, so why not take advantage of a company I right people?  I genuinely felt like I was was breaking up with someone...not a multi-billion dollar corporation.  I was actually pretty calm, cool, and collected until I was transferred to a "special" line JUST for potential service concellations.  Eeeeeeek!  My heart began to race just a little faster...this was it..I was FINALLY making this official, permanent, carved in stone! Of course, they tried keeping me, but in the end my savings with Verizon exceeded any savings I would have received from ATT.  So, after 10 years of loyal business, I have decided to move on.  They did remind me that I have 59 days to reactivate my service, so we will see.  Oh and another change in plans...I did not get the iphone through Verizon.  I've had the iphone for about a year now and I'm not too crazy about it anymore...maybe because of the poor signal from ATT...maybe because everyone on God's green earth has one...I don't know, but I decided to go with the Droid.  I still have all my apps and with the Droid 2, I get a qwerty keyboard know with actual buttons? :)  I missed you keyboard!  Call me old school, but I like pushing buttons!  Judge me?!   I think not.

Since this is a breakup blog...lets go through all the phones I have used and tossed aside over the years...


I got this phone I think my freshman year in college...and to be completely honest with you, I'm not 100% sure this is it.  I just remember it was an Ericcson and it was black...and flip.  I remember being so excited I had my first cell phone.  Now kids experience that kind of excitement at the mature age of 7.

 This phone, though not the sleekest most fashionable phone was the most indestructable!!!  And it had snake....I miss snake....

Well, this was one of my favorite was small and cute...and it still had snake on it.  My favorite part of the phone was being able to put my name on the display screen under Nokia....back then it was the little things that made your cell phone cool.

The first LG (G4010) phone that I came across through Cingular back in 2002 I think...I liked this phone because I could download non-mono ringtones...first being a John Mayer song if I recall.  *sigh* I think it was "Your Body is a Wonderland" Once again, don't judge.

The Samsung E317 - also one of my more favorite phones...why?  Because when someone called, along with having a personalized ringtone, your face showed up on the front screen! :) A-Mazing.

Ah yes, the Motorola Pink Razor.  The Razor was the hottest thing that came out since....well I don't know, but don't you remember how people were dishing out $500 when they were brand new? 

This was my grownup fresh out of college phone.  I LOVED this phone - The Cingular 8125.  This is when I fell in love with a keyboard...I like my Droid keyboard, but this was the best keyboard EVER.  This was also the first time I had internet, email, the whole kitten kaboodle (such an odd saying...wonder where it comes from). 

Blackberry Curve - Nothing too special.  No complaints though.  The keyboard was nice too :) 


Not sure if you all have heard of this's called "THE IPHONE"
I really did like this phone, but CLEARLY I go through phones A LOT...more than I thought after compiling this list...I might have a problem. 

....and now we're @ I have a thing for cell phones...welcome to my long string of cell phones Droid 2 - don't be hurt when I discard you once I'm able to renew ;) Love'em and Leave'em LOL

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scheduled Romance is Dumb - Me and Valentines Day

So, I've never been a big fan of this holiday...even now that I am married and I will have a Valentine every year, I'm still not pro V-day.  I understand it's to celebrate LOOOOOVE, but why do some people (and I mean ladies, since I've never seen a man go absolutely bananas forValentines Day) spaz out on Feb 14?? 

I think my pessimism for this "holiday" began in college when I worked in the jewelry department @ 'ol Wal-Fart.  Men would come in frantically shopping for their ladies the day before and EVEN the day of hoping to find something special they could quickly wrap and present with love.  I'm sorry, but if you spent all of 10 minutes picking it out, then it's probably not THAT special. Oh and the floral area was right by the jewelry department and the only flowers left on those days are half wilted roses and carnations, but they still attempted to pick out the best bouquet in the bunch...always entertaining to watch.  I remember once a man approached me at the jewelry counter and said, "Just pick something out for me that you would like and ring it up."  Really?  From that moment on, I just felt like, "What is the point of this holiday?" I would say 50% of these "heart felt" gifts were returned the very next day...some women saying, "I don't know why he thought I would like this..."  BECAUSE HE WASN'T THINKING - Your gift was given to you out of pure fear.  It's just more money and time wasted. 

I know I sound like a Debbie Downer, but I just don't get it.  Every restaurant in America is packed and if you didn't plan ahead, don't expect to be eating out.  You spend more money that (most likely) you don't have because you're still trying to pay off your Christmas debt.  Don't get me wrong, I don't completely disregard this holiday and I do expect 1 thing - Chinese takeout.  That has been our Valentines Day tradition and it is stress free. I also will tell people, "Happy Valentines Day," so don't think I'm walking around with an "Anti Valentines Day" shirt on. 

I think it is far more romantic to buy a gift or go out to a nice quiet dinner on a random day rather than the day it's expected of me because it's on my calendar. 

Ladies, you know who you are...the ones that take Valentines day WAY TOO seriously - RELAX.  It is just another day, take it easy.  If you have a man that plans for weeks to make this day super special for you, I genuinely think that is great...but it's just not for me.

Don't worry, I won't force my Valentines Day beliefs on my kid :) When he's old enough, I'll do all the glittered hearts and candy I can possibly do.  Hey, one day he might be dating a girl that is CRAZY about Valentines Day...I should prepare him a little. 

...and just to clarify I love LOVE, I don't love Valentines Day.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

House Arrest, It's Tough Being Locked Up

You would think being trapped in my house for almost 2 weeks I would have had time to do a little blogging, but surprisingly I did not. There are many names for what happened to us here in the midwest... Blizzard 2011! Snowmagedon, Snowpocalypse, etc...The past 2 weeks made me realize I am not cut out for severe weather and I have much respect for people that deal with this amount of snow, ice, and sleet every winter.  Tell me, while I had all this time inside my house, how did it get so dirty?  A blizzard might have hit the midwest, but a tornado hit the inside of my humble abode.  Ooooh wait, I have a kid now...when will my house be clean for longer than 10 minutes? NEVER. There are a few things my kiddo picked up on in month 8 of his life.  Crawling, chuckin' things across the room, and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING - coffee table, crib, bouncy, my leg, my shoulder, our dog Yoko, the couch...these are all things he did in month 7, he's just doing them at ninja speeds now.

Lets disect the picture above, shall we?  To the left, a couch piled with laundry that needs to be folded...see the pillows and couch cushions maticulously positioned around the living room?  That is how a first time dad tries to protect his toys and electronics.  Battlestar Galactica playing on the TV.  This is my living room 98% of the time. 

As much as being indoors for such a lengthy period of time left me feeling paralyzed, I'm glad it was with my men.  Sometimes being a working mom leaves me feeling a little guilty...I don't want to miss anything, so when I do get these opportunities to spend time with my husband and son, I value all of it.  

A couple shots of the blizzard outside our window

Our backyard

Icicles outside our window

Update on my Weight Loss Journey to 30:  The extreme weather also made me realize when stuck indoors, I have very  little self control.  The first week, I managed to eat my weight in popcorn and basically anything else snackable in the kitchen.  We were running so low on food at one point I even resorted to eating Ramen noodles (which is REALLY high in sodium).  So you can imagine, after a week of eating 1000 x's over my salt intake I WAS SEVERELY BLOATED.  I looked in the mirror and I had flashbacks of pregnancy that's how bloated I was!  So when I knew we were going to be stranded in our house for another week, I changed it up.  I had to, I was getting muffin top in my jeans!  I ran almost 9 miles during the week, cut out most salt, and limited my portions to just one bowl sized helping.  I must say it helped!  My jeans fit again and I lost 3 more lbs :)   Now that our blizzard is (hopefully) over, it's time to get back on track @ the gym.  ZUMBA and SPIN, I'll see you this week :)

This is my attempt at a cool picture You spend 2
 weeks  trapped  in your house and see what you
 will  photograph!  Believe me, it could
 have been A LOT worse.
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