Monday, January 17, 2011

What I learned from my first spin class

So, the plan was that on Saturday Katy (my sister in law) and I were going to to take our first spin class together @ the gym we just joined.  Katy and her husband graciously bestowed upon me a 1 year membership to this very nice health club under one condition - that I be Katy's "accounta-bil-a-buddy."  After arguing with her that this gift was far too nice, I accepted and immediately became giddy.  Katy has taken spin classes before, but this would be my first fitness class EVER.  I was nervous, but since she was going to be there with me, I was looking forward to it more than anything.

Come Saturday morning, I receive the text that she wouldn't be able to make it!  One of the boys was sick.  Don't get me wrong, I felt bad for my nephew, but I also was a little bummed I wouldn't be taking my first spin class EVER.  Did you catch that?  I had already decided from that moment I wasn't going to the class without Katy.  I still went to the gym...I mean I was already dressed for fitness success.

Once I got there, I jumped on the treadmill and did a measly mile because in all reality I did want to take the class.  I even picked a machine that was facing the spin class just so I could see who all was going in...see if there was anyone entering the class like know, pleasantly plump, heehee. 

I decided to venture over to the class to see what time the class started...and that's when the instructor caught me!

Instructor: Are you here for the spin class?

Me: Yeah, I wasn't sure if it started @ 8 or 8:30.

Instructor:  Well there's been a mix up, but it starts @ 8:30.  Are you training for a triathlon?

MeUh no - I thought this was a beginners spin class.

Instructor:  Well its more geared for a triathlon, but don't let that scare you.

**In my head: Don't let that scare me?! Look @ me.  Do I look like I've been training for a triathlon?? Uh no spin man**

Me: OK....

Instructor:  The class is great for beginners, it's just a longer class...about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Well to make a long story a little shorter, I ended up mustering up enough courage to jump on a bike...I didn't even pick the back row!  Well, at the time I did think it was the back row, but more people joined the class, so I ended up being on the second to last row. 

I even made a friend - Alma is her name.  Granted, I'm probably half her age, but we were both beginners and she was super nice.  Sadly, her and I almost kept the same pace, LOL.  I think that speaks more for her than me.  She was very encouraging and I like those kind of people in my life regardless of age!

So spin class @ 8:30 geared towards triathlon trainers, I'll see you on Saturday!

Oh yeah...What I learned from my 1st spin class:

1. That I can survive a 45 minute spin class geared towards triathlon trainers
2. That I am able to step out of my comfort zone.
3. That the class had great energy and I'm glad I did it.
4. It'll get easier every time (that ones from Alma)
5.  It's not a race and you're only in competition with yourself so have fun (that ones from Katy)


sacha said...

hmmm, pedal pedal pedal, idk if i could handle it!

Raegun said...

That's fantastic - way to rock that bike!!!

AmyLee said...

i LOVE spinning. it's one of my favorite work outs!! especially with loud pumping music, it can be amazing :) keep it up!!

so, in regards to my camera: i have a canon rebel t2i. i shoot almost exclusively with my 50mm 1.8 lens, which i swear by. i love my canon!

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