Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poking and Prodding - My Fitness Assessment

So, last night I had my fitness assessment with Lori.  I've seen her before when I've come to the gym to work out.  She's of course fit (I don't know if I would trust a trainer that looked...well like myself, lol), long flowing hair, a smile that goes "ding!" and a sparkle reflecting from the top right corner...in a nutshell fit and fabulous.  She turned out to be super nice and down to earth, so I couldn't loathe her awesome personality and fit physique.  She was here to help me and I could tell she genuinely took an interest in this stuff.   

All the Poking and Prodding

1. We took my cholesterol test.  Overall it is good.  My good cholesterol levels were good, but my bad cholesterol levels were a little high, therefore it evened out.  I asked her what I could be eating that would cause it to be high since I really don't eat fast food....yup you guessed it RICE and EGG'S - 2 of my most favorite food items.  I gasped at the thought of removing these food staples from my diet, but luckily she saw the panic on my face and told me I could still eat them just not for dinner and in  small portions.  Rice and egg, we won't be seperated after all.  I just can't see you as often as I would like...but that's ok, it'll make our relationship that much stronger.  As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I will just appreciate you more in smaller doses :)

2. We did sit-up and push-up test.  Results?  She wanted to know how many push ups I could do before it started hurting.  The grand total = 14!  I honestly think I could have done a few more, but it was a little wierd with her just watching me on the grand like a helpless slug.  The sit-up test was different.  I had to see how many I could do in a minute. Total = 45.  Not toooo bad right?  We also did a flexibilty test, which went well.  I'm short, so it touching my toes really isn't a problem.  My torso is a lot longer than my legs.

3. We talked about my goals.  She seemed very optimistic when I told her I would like to lose 30 lbs by August.  I mean that is 7 months, I would hope that would be doable!  I told her working out has never been an issue for me, I just LOVE FOOD.  I honestly don't think my brain has an off switch, so if I don't watch myself, I can snack all day.  She asked me if training 4-5 days a week is realisitic and I said yes, so she told me what to do on those days and where I should keep my heart rate for maximum weight loss.  I always that when you're on a machine, the higher the heart rate the more chance of weight loss...you know, the whole "balls to the wall" mentality, but shockingly I was WRONG.  She wants me to do interval training, as well as strength training and try to take spin and zumba on a weekly basis.  After speaking with her, I really felt more confidant and more knowledgable.  She also took me out to a machine to show me exactly what she was talking about regarding my heart rate, weight loss zone, etc...

Tomorrow: Zumba with Katy


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Good for you! YOU CAN DO IT! I didn't know rice was bad for your cholesterol. WEIRD. What about whole grain brown rice? Is that bad? maybe you could eat that instead!


Valerie said...

Dang, girl! I'm impressed with the 45 sit-ups! When I play piano for the ballet in the TPS school program, the kids are struggling with sit-ups, and hello, they are in way better shape than I am. I'm pretty sure I couldn't crank out 45 sit-ups without having worked out for a while, and even then...?

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