Monday, January 24, 2011

Over the weekend - Recap

I usually only blog when I feel compelled to, but I'm not really feeling compelled...but then again it's Monday and I don't feel compelled to do much on Mondays. 

The things that happened this weekend:

1.  I took my mom out for a belated birthday lunch: Viet Huong

Bun Cha Gio
Spring Rolls

2. Spin Class with SIL Katy:

The class was a little "easier" than the first one.  The instructor
was very chill...basically do whatever you want - sweet.

3. Christian had his dedication @ church:

I find it more fun to dress him than myself
these days :)

You can see the terrified look on his face, lol. The Pastor
was trying to show off his shirt that has the symbol
for Starfleet Academy (Star Trek).  Like my husband,
our Pastor LOVES Star Trek.

I have my fitness assessment tonight @ the 'ol gym.  Let's see how this turns out.  Be optimistic right? It can only get better.


Valerie said...

Nu-uh. For reals. Christian was rockin' a Star Trek shirt at his dedication? That's awesome. And he is now probably the pastor's favorite baby dedication ever. Ha!

cssolomon said...

Ha, I had to Valerie! Matt and the pastor's favorite show is Star Trek - It would have been illogical not to LOL - that was my ode to Spock since vulcans only do what is logical...OMG - I know way too much...Matt said I should just let the nerd in me out.

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