Monday, January 10, 2011

January 1, 2011 - The Beginning of a New Tradition

The first person I saw on 01.01.2011 is:

 The last 8 months with Christian have flown by.  He's just now starting the seperation anxiety stuff, which is throwing me off.  I just assumed I had this independent kid, but now when strangers hold him, he freaks out a little.  He also is trying to be more adventurious and pull himself on furniture.  Result?  A lot of Thuds coming from his head hitting the floor.  That face he makes when he's crying somehow turns me into SUPER MOM.  I rush to his aid and hold him close.  I only do this when he's screaming his face off though, so don't assume I do this every time he wimpers... I'm not one of THOSE moms ;)

See the bright pink blanket he's under?  It is this AMAZING blanket my mom got in Korea.  They call it a mink blanket, but no minks were harmed in the making of this blanket.  I love it.  Its a bit of an eye sore (b/c it's SO bright), but it sure keeps the winter nights warmer.  I keep it under our comforter, so no one can see know, b/c I'm giving tours of our bedroom all the time. 

Ok, so on to our new Solomon family tradition.  It's an American tradition to eat black eyed peas for the first of the year because it's thought to bring prosperity and good luck, but Matt is allergic to BEP's, so the Solomon's needed to come up with a NEW new year tradition. 
I, personally, love the Korean meal for new years - dduk guk.  It's a rice cake soup and it's delicious. Korean's eat this soup for the new year for luck and to gain an additional year of least that is what I was told.  Don't ever quote me on Korean facts. I could eat this soup at least once a week.  I could learn how to make this soup, but right now I'll take advantage of my moms magical cooking mojo and continue to let her make this dish.  I enjoy going over to her house and eating this with her - good way to start the new year :) 

Oookay - so the dish I chose to be the Solomon's New Year Meal  is....POT ROAST!!!  What?  You were expecting something a little more exotic? I tried this recipe from The Pioneer Woman herself and it was delicious. 

Pan seared potatoes,  carrots, and onions - Yummmm

Pan seared 4 lb chuck roast - Yummmmm

All mixed together in a big pot of beef broth,
fresh rosemary, and thyme - Yummmmm 

You know it looks good....

DELISH :) Of course I mix some rice in my bowl to soak up the
super awesome broth because what have I told you? 
Rice makes the world a better place, thats right :)

Random photo moment: This picture is a little
 blurry, but it makes me smile :)

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