Friday, December 10, 2010

I've Become the Bag Lady

Yes, that's right.  I never would have thought adding just one more thing to sling over my shoulder would make me feel so bogged down...literally.  It all started with a purse, a bag most of us ladies don't mind hauling all over town.  It holds all that is dear to us - money, credit cards, check book, makeup,coupons, pictures, and a day planner (yes, I still use a planner.  Its a comfort thing.  I know it'll never freeze up on me and crash like my iphone does on occasion - good ole' paper, always faithful).  I have on occasion carried my camera, socks, first aid kit, apples, and now that I am a mom diapers, wipes, sippy cup, and toys.  I'm pretty sure that is why one shoulder is larger than the other...soon I'll be developing my own walk to support all the weight.  I got this purse on clearance @ Old Navy.  It's no Coach, but if it gets dirty I'm not riddled with guilt. 

Then came bag #2.  I fought buying a diaper bag for months.  I really didn't need one in the beginning because I never took him out! With Christian's colic and me being a first time mom, I became a hermit.  I didn't want people to meet him for the first time hysterically crying...if he wasn't I was!  The wounds from the first 3 months are still fresh my friends, so when you ask me when we're going to have another I immediately get war type flash backs.  It sends shivers down my spine. My first diaper bag was actually my black jansport backpack from college and to be honest with you, I think I might go back to least I can sling that on my back and it worked great.  For whatever reason I felt the need to buy an ACTUAL diaper bag.  Not bad for the money (Jeep diaper bag from WalMart for $20), but I have buyers remorse.  

On to bag #3.  After 5 1/2 years of loyal service, my company finally feels safe enough to give me a laptop.    Granted, I'm pretty sure everyone that didn't have one before is getting one now, but I still pretend in my head it's because I'm such a good little worker bee.  The laptop is small in comparison to the bag they gave me.  I think the bag and the laptop weigh the same amount.  Don't get me wrong, I've very appreciative, it's a nice laptop bag...but I'm not going to lie, I have considered throwing everything from the diaper bag and my purse into this bag.  Its that roomy people.  I'm not going to, but maybe...if I'm desperate. 

So those are the 3 bags I carry with me EVERYDAY.  I almost bought this cute little lunch sack the other day, but then I actually pictured myself carrying 4 bags and that mental image was enough for me put it back.  What can I say?  This is the glamourous life of a working mom.  I think any man would be jealous of my shoulder definition ;)


A Big Group of Folks said...

HAHA. I COMPLETELY relate! We have now morphed out of the bag phase and are much more in the cup phase. I swear I walk around with sippy cups, water bottles, etc etc filling my arms. I don't put them in bags, because they always leak if they're tipped over (at least the ones for four and six year olds do), and I have yet to discover a bag that will hold upright five water bottle cups. Oy vey! I suppose the next phase will be backpack phase!? LOL!

Simplegirl said...

Those are a lot of bags:-) Miss the baby days. Now following your blog from bloggy moms. Stop by for a visit anytime:-)

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