Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving We Meet Again

So, like running, I have a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving.  I love the spirit of Thanksgiving - the fellowship with friends and family, Christmas decorations going up, the holiday TV specials... I hate that by the end of it, I feel like this:
and probably resemble this as well.  The simple fact is I LOVE FOOD - I wasn't abused as a child, I'm not eating to suppress some awful experience, I just like the taste of food! What can I say, I have an addictive personality and unfortunately food happens to be my addiction of choice.  If food is my enemy, then Thanksgiving is my gun slingin' showdown @ high noon...literally, usually noon is when we eat. 


So, Thanksgiving we meet again.  I would like this to end without too much bloodshed ok?  The good thing is we're not hosting Thanksgiving, so no leftovers.  The bad thing is we have two dinners to go to that day.  I would love to say I will show self control @ both and eat lightly, but this is more what I picture happening

I refer to Homer Simpson because he is how I picture my inner appetite - large and out of control :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Esther said...

Good luck with all the yummy thanksgiving food! The smaller bites you eat, the less you can...so gobble it all up!! :)

amy said...

i feel almost identical to this. i've already been having anxiety about thanksgiving. i know that i will eat myself into oblivion. oblivion meaning a coma of course.

Raegun said...

I think that last picture of Homer is a brilliant summary of how most of us feel after the holidays! So funny!

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