Monday, November 29, 2010

O' Christmas Tree 'O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Your Fake Branches

*Whew* I made it through Thanksgiving without bustin' a button.  Christian was such a distraction, I didn't have time to go for 2nd's and 3rd's...and 4ths :) My one food regret is that I didn't get a piece of Grandma Solomon's pecan pie! Everyone kept saying, "Oh my goodness, this is THE BEST pecan pie I have ever had!"  Really?  The best EVER?  That is a pretty heavy statement to be puting on a PIE.  That was enough to peak my tastebud's curiousity, so the next day I batted my eyes at Matt and he went back over to his grandmothers to get me a piece of this EXTRAORDINARY  pecan pie. He came home empty handed.  Who ate the last pieces of this pecan pie?  Grandma Solomon.  I couldn't be mad, it was her own concoction.  This woman could probably make doodoo taste good.  Every time I ask her how to make something, she always says "oh its nothing much, just a little of this, a little of that...." My mom says the same thing...Darn you food saavy women!! I don't have iron chef taste buds, I need a recipe.  I'm not like my husband that can taste something and say, "Oh it needs some oregano."  My fall back is always, "Uhhh, more salt?"

"Ahhhhh - it's the most glorious thing
I have ever seen (next to mommy)"
Once again, I digress - Thanksgiving is over and now on to Christmas.  I've always wanted a real tree, but we have 2 less than intelligent dogs that would probably see it and hike their legs, so bring out the fake tree please. I always put the tree up the day before Thanksgiving.  It takes so much work, I like to enjoy it as long as possible and this year I couldn't wait to see Christians expression when I turned on the lights...and there it is to the right. I'm such a photo freak, I had Matt bring him out right when I turned on the lights and then I just went papparazzi on him.  Poor kid probably is still seeing spots. 

These are are a few of my favorite ornaments --
Christian's 1st Ornament
My Favorite Ornament



Ornament my friend Jill
bought for me and Matt's
1st Christmas
Matt bought me after
we got back from
 New York

Good times with friends
I don't care too much
for olive martini's though

    What can I say? I like comic book
heroes. Wolverine is my favorite
probably b/c he's played by
Hugh Jackman ;) HOT

So, we're not doing gifts this year...well, let me rephrase that. We're only buying presents for our nephews.  It's so easy to get in a financial bind during the holidays just because you stress about buying everyone you know a present.  If I know you well, you're getting a Christmas card probably with my face on it somewhere and if I know you well AND you're in driving distance, I'll be baking you something delicious.  If you REALLY want a gift, come on over and rummage through our attic full of crap, pick something out and I'll wrap for you.  I would love to get rid of some of that stuff.  I have everything I want...I bet you do too ;)


Raegun said...

What a great post - I can feel the holiday magic already! We plan to put up our tree this weekend.

Lorieann said...

That's a classic! I can especially relate to this line.... "If you REALLY want a gift, come on over and rummage through our attic full of crap, pick something out and I'll wrap for you." LOL

Sammi said...

Oh this is too funny. I will be expecting baked goods though... : )

Anonymous said...

the thing about the dog and the tree is, it gives the dog a vertical surface. it doesn't have to be organic, like a tree. they like fire hydrants too. next year, you can get a real tree. they wont pee on it. but they will try to drink the water.

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